The BSO’s impact in Montgomery County and the DC Metro area extends far beyond just concerts at the Music Center at Strathmore. “Backstage with the BSO at Strathmore” chronicles the many stories behind the scenes at the BSO’s second home and throughout the area.

A Decade of World-Class Music

The Music Center at Strathmore’s grand opening took place, February 5, 2005 with a concert by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. On Thursday, February 5th we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of this historic occasion with a gala and special concert featuring pianist Garrick Ohlsson. Here is a look back at the evolution of the BSO at Strathmore and the Music Center, which was hailed as “the best place to hear symphonic music that the Washington area has ever known.”

A New Holiday Tradition

There are so many fabulous holiday traditions in the performing arts, you have to wonder if there is room in our busy lives for just one more. The BSO thinks so! On Saturday, December 6 at 4 p.m., the BSO introduced a new artistic collaboration between symphony orchestra and step dancers. We hope it becomes another must-see holiday tradition for families in Montgomery County.

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Inside The Music Box

Hosted by acclaimed actress, dancer and storyteller Maria Broom, the Music Box Series gives young children the chance to explore music through highly engaging and interactive performances. Each 30-minute concert promotes musical, motor and language development through bouncing, clapping, listening, singing and other hands-on activities. The concerts feature a small ensemble of BSO musicians performing classical children’s pieces to provide a captivating musical, social and educational experience for both children and their families.

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Has it Been Ten Years Already?

“Has it been ten years already?” It’s a comment I hear time and time again as I speak about the upcoming 10th anniversary season for the BSO at Strathmore. More than a decade ago a group of visionary Maryland leaders had a transformational idea—to create a music center at Strathmore with the world-class Baltimore Symphony Orchestra as the founding partner and resident orchestra.

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No Week is Ever the Same

 “The beauty of my work is that no week is ever the same. If the orchestra repertoire in a given week doesn’t call for a keyboard instrument, I’m off playing solo or chamber music” 

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