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    In 1916, the community made it happen.

    Now, YOU make great music happen.

    This same strong community of music-lovers has grown and brought us to our Centennial season, as the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra celebrates its 100th anniversary. Ticket sales make up approximately 40% of our revenue, while donations of all sizes from our dedicated BSO family make up nearly 60%! This is YOUR orchestra, and we can’t thank you enough for your 100 years of support.

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    Do you enjoy meeting and working with a variety of interesting and talented individuals? Do you want to contribute to the success of one of the region's cultural treasures? Do you want to get behind-the-scenes of one of the country's leading orchestras? Do you have a passion for classical music?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then volunteering at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is right for you! Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The valuable time, skills and creativity of dedicated BSA volunteers help keep the Baltimore Symphony's wonderful tradition of artistic excellence alive.

    A wide variety of volunteer needs present opportunities for service. Some require only a few hours of your time, while others involve a more serious time commitment. There’s bound to be one that fits your interests, skills and amount of available time. Below is just a sample of some of the volunteer activities.

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    My husband is a huge BSO fan. When we were dating, we went to concerts often. And, after one concert, he proposed. I was kind of expecting it so spent most of the concert anticipating it. We are an 'old' married couple now with young children, so haven't gotten to a concert in a while (though remain hopeful), but the BSO holds a special place in our hearts. Plus, we do get to see the BSO annually at Oregon Ridge for the 4th of July, a tradition we love. Oh, and I almost forgot - my husband won the pie-eating contest at a summer concert in 2008.

    - Caryn Putchat

    You could say the history of the Meyerhoff has paralleled the history of our 33 year marriage. The week before our marriage in September 1982, my husband sang with the Symphony Chorus at the opening of the Meyerhoff. We attended off and on over the years, delighting in introducing our two daughters to the BSO. Our 25th anniversary coincided with the 25th anniversary of the BSO and of course the tenure of Maestra Alsop. And, luckily — it coincided with the $25 any seat which we happily snapped up as our anniversary gift to ourselves (with two kids in college, we could afford that!!) Even though the ticket prices have gradually increased, it's a must-do for us to sign up each year as subscribers. We look forward to the announcement of the next season each Spring and spend a happy evening choosing our "pick six" season. Thank you for the many, many evenings of musical enjoyment you've given us!

    - Joann Benson

    I grew up in Baltimore — correction — I grew up with the Baltimore Symphony in the 50s when the orchestra appeared at my school, and my parents took me to concerts. I wanted to be in the BSO! I began studying double bass in junior high school and then had the great opportunity to study with Rocco Litolf at Peabody Prep. I attended concerts every week, always inspired by the marvelous musicians on stage and the glorious music. So many of them became colleagues in local free-lance orchestras — Jesus and Carmen Getan, Rafaele Faraco, Denise Morand, Humberto Ayestas, Sara Feldman, Carlos Alejo, Nick Granofsky, Isabel Edmonds, Istvan Mihalik, ..... They became friends and mentors and will forever be a part of my life. I am still a double bass player, now living just north of Philadelphia, and have so many stories to tell my students about my fond memories of the BSO. Happy Birthday, BSO, and thanks for so many cherished memories!

    - Stephanie Patterson

    The BSO and the BSO Passport have been a favorite part of my Baltimore experience since I moved here in September 2008! I love introducing the BSO to my friends with concerts like BSO Pulse and Off the Cuff Concerts and to my darling, adorable niece through the Music Box Series! Looking forward to the many sure-to-be-amazing future events and great music from the BSO in the next 100 years. PS - The Golden Ticket scavenger hunt remains one of my most favorite silliest days in Baltimore, even if I didn't find a ticket!
    - Katie K

    Happy 100th, BSO! I wish I could be there to enjoy what I'm sure will be a fabulous evening! Love your recordings with the incomparable Maestra on the baton! Here's to the next 100!!
    - Kathleen Sutherland

    Happy Birthday Baltimore Symphony Orchestra! Going to your concerts was one of the greatest joys in my Aunt Ruth's time on earth. Thank you for bringing her joy.
    - Lynn Hellwig

    Happy birthday BSO! Here's to the next 100 years!
    - Eric

    Congratulations Baltimore Symphony! You lasted 100 years, even though New York just turned 173...Mazel Tov!
    Pinchas Zukerman

    May our wonderful patrons, supporters and musicians keep the ghosts of Bach, Brahms and Beethoven here forever.
    Jonathan Carney, Concertmaster

    Happy Birthday, Baltimore Symphony. My grandfather would be thrilled and pleased that the orchestra is celebrating its 100th anniversary!
    Carl Lee, Grandson of Symphony Founder Gustav Strube

    Best wishes to the orchestra. Here's to another 100 years! May the community finally realize what a gem that they have.
    Joseph Turner, Former Principal Oboist

    Happy Birthday to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The greatest sense of enjoyment for me was the playing of the orchestra. I'll always treasure that.
    John Gidwitze, Former Executive Director

    Happy 100th birthday to the warmest playing orchestra. This orchestra is very much informed about style and can play Mozart and Beethoven. That's rare! The color and diversity of sounds are their specialty.
    Mario Venzago, Former Summerfest Director

    The happiest of congratulations to the BSO. Thank you for always allowing music making to be an enjoyable process. That's one of the most gratifying things in my life. Here's to the next 100.
    Jack Everly, Principal Pops Conductor

    I've been privileged to be a part of the first 100 years and I hope the next 100 years will be equally successful.
    Terry Meyerhoff Rubenstein

    Happy birthday to the Baltimore Symphony, who has for 100 years brought beautiful music to this city and beyond and will continue to for another 100 years!
    Lainy Lebow Sachs

    Happy future Baltimore Symphony! Here's to another 100 years.
    Harvey M. (Bud) Meyerhoff

    Herzlichen Glückqunsch zum Jubilaum! (Best wishes for your anniversary!)
    Markus Stenz, Principal Guest Conductor

    Happy 100th birthday to the first orchestra that I played with in America! I'm really honored to be part of your Gala Celebration.
    Lang Lang, pianist

    I don't know how the Baltimore Symphony got to be so good? Maybe it's all in the crabs! Happy 100th birthday, Baltimore Symphony.
    Itzhak Perlman, violinist

    I wish the Baltimore Symphony all the best: full houses and full purses!
    Gunther Herbig

    I wish the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra all of my very best wishes because it has been the orchestra where I grew into the musician that I am today through its nurturing and tender loving care.
    Edward Polochick, Peabody Choral Professor and Former Baltimore Symphony Chorus Director

    Some of my fondest musical experiences have been with the Baltimore Symphony, Sending warmest wishes to my BSO friends. Happy 100th birthday!!!
    Joshua Bell, violinist

    It has been with enormous pleasure that I've watched the Baltimore Symphony of my childhood blossom into the great orchestra it is today. That my hometown orchestra has also programmed so much of my own music adds even more to my sense of pleasure. Happy 100th!
    Christopher Rouse, BSO Composer in Residence, 1986-1989

    Happy Birthday, BSO. My wish is that you continue to be appreciated and cherished by future generations, for the great orchestra that you are and for the love of music that you instill in people of all ages and backgrounds. Baltimore and Maryland need you!
    Paul Meecham, Baltimore Symphony President and CEO 

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