Join the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s OrchKids staff, administration, students, parents, and teachers as they prepare for a string of concerts during the world’s largest free arts festival, Artscape, in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland.

Within this results driven seminar, participants will study concert production techniques that will yield engaging, pedagogically sound, and extremely entertaining concerts in the style of el Sistema. View flyer


Program Cost: $350

Hotel Accommodations:

Hotel Brexton (ask for Baltimore Symphony rate)

868 Park Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21201
(443) 478-2100

Peabody Court (ask for Baltimore Symphony rate)

612 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Phone: (410) 727-7101


Wednesday, July 16th

10:30 am   Registration
with Nicholas Cohen and Terri Baumann                
[Meyerhoff Admin Lobby]

10:45 am              Travel to Lockerman Bundy
[LBES School Site]               

11:15 am              Welcome & Tour
with Dan Trahey and OrchKids staff                       
[LBES Pre-K Room]

12:15 pm              Lunch and Building Advocacy, Part I
with Dan Trahey, Nick Skinner, & Carol Bogash     
[LBES Board Room]

1:45 pm                How to Book a Gig, Part I
with Colin Sorgi and Lisa Philips                            
[LBES Board Room] 

2:30 pm                How to Execute a Gig, Part I                                      
with Lisa Philips and Rafaela Dreisin                     
[LBES Board Room]

3:30 pm                Travel to New Song Academy school site           

4:00 pm                Building Advocacy, Part II: Parents/Community               
with Jaclyn Dorr and OrchKids                             
[New Song Academy]

5:00 pm                Travel to the Meyerhoff              
5:30 pm                How to Book a Gig, Part II
with Nick Skinner and Nicholas Cohen                  
[Meyerhoff Recital Hall]

6:15 pm                Do-It-Yourself: Creative Concert Design
with Dan Trahey and Lisa Philips                        
[Meyerhoff Recital Hall]

7:15 pm                Free Time!         

Thursday, July 17 

8:30 am                Breakfast                             

 [Meyerhoff GM Lounge]

9:00 am                Transforming Spaces
with Nick Skinner and Jaclyn Dorr                        
[Meyerhoff GM Lounge]

9:30 am                Travel to LBES school site            

10:00 am              Creative Composition
with Dan Trahey, OrchKids staff and students        
[LBES Pre-K Room] 

11:00 am              Building Advocacy, Part III: Parents/Community
with Camille Delaney, Lynette Fields, & OrchKids    
[LBES Gym]

12:00 pm              Break   

12:15 pm              Program Observation: Bucket Band
with Terri Baumann and Brian Prechtl                     
[LBES OrchKids Classroom]

12:35 pm              Lunch and Do-It-Yourself: Planning Time
with OrchKids staff                                                
[LBES Board Room]

1:55 pm                Program Observation: Orchestra             
with Terri Baumann and Eli Wirth                            
[LBES Music Classroom]

2:15 pm                Student Motivated Concert Decisions
with Rafaela Dreisin and OrchKids                            
[LBES OrchKids Classroom]

3:15 pm                Building Advocacy, Part IV: Donors                                         
with Terri Baumann, Nicholas Cohen, and OrchKids   
[LBES Board Room]

4:15 pm                Travel to Mount Vernon      

4:45 pm                Do-It-Yourself:Planning Time
[The Bun Shop,Read St]
6:00 pm                Dinner
with OrchKids staff                  
[City Café,Cathedral St]
7:30 pm                Ben Folds & the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
[Tickets available here]                                            

Friday, July 18

9:00 am                Breakfast and Do-It-Yourself:Planning Time
[Meyerhoff Recital Hall]

10:00 am              Travel to LBES school site        

10:40 am              Program Observation: String Ensemble
with Terri Baumann and Yoshi Horiguchi         
[LBES Gym]

11:00 am              Program Observation: Jazz Band
with Terri Baumann and Russell Kirk                          
[LBES Music Classroom]

11:20 am              In the Classroom: The TA Perspective
with Hana Morford, Brian Prechtl, & Eli Wirth
[LBES Board Room]

12:20 pm              Lunch and Do-It-Yourself: Planning Time
with OrchKids staff                                                 
[LBES Board Room]

1:30 pm                Orchestra Rehearsal for Artscape
with Eli Wirth                                                           
[LBES Music Classroom]

3:15 pm                Travel to the Meyerhoff

3:45 pm                How to Execute a Gig, Part II
with Nick Skinner and Lisa Philips                              
[Meyerhoff Recital Hall]

4:45 pm                Do-It-Yourself: Planning Time
with OrchKids                                                          
[Meyerhoff Recital Hall]

7:30 pm                Free Time!         

Saturday, July 19

9:00 am                Do-It-Yourself: Final Presentations
with Dan Trahey and OrchKids staff                       
[Meyerhoff, Recital Hall]

11:00 am              Break   

12:00 pm              How to Execute a Gig, Part 3: Meyerhoff Setup
with OrchKids staff                                              
[Meyerhoff Lobby]
1:00 pm                Artscape Performance: Meyerhoff         

 [Meyerhoff Lobby]

2:00 pm               Artscape Performance: Neighborhood Pop ups  
[MICA Neighborhood]

3:00 pm                How to Execute a Gig, Part 4: Falvey Hall Setup
with OrchKids staff                                                 
[MICA Brown Center, Falvey Hall]

3:30 pm                Artscape Performance: Falvey Hall       
[MICA Brown Center, Falvey Hall]

4:30 pm                Concert Breakdown and Free time.        

5:30 pm                CEME Debrief
with OrchKids staff                                                 
[Meyerhoff Recital Hall]

6:30 pm                Free Time!         

Session Descriptions

**Times and locations are subject to change. A final CEME Schedule-At-A-Glance will be provided at check-in on July 16, 2014.



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