• Summer Side-by-Side
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    Summer Side-by-Side

    Play and Sing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, July 7-12. Repertoire includes Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 and selections from Brahms Eine deutsches Requiem, Op. 45.

    Open to people who regularly perform for enjoyment as instrumentalists or vocalists in non-professional settings, age 18 and over.

    Application Fee:              $40
    Tuition:                             $850

    Instrumentalists receive:

    • 9.5 hours with BSO musicians
      • 2 hour sectional led by BSO Musicians
      • 6.5 hours of full orchestra rehearsals with the BSO under the direction of Maestro Case Scaglione
      • Perform on stage at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
    • Post-Concert Reception with BSO Musicians
    • Work-friendly schedule available


    Vocalists receive:

    • 14.5 hours of rehearsal and instructional time
      • 2 hours of sectionals
      • 4 hours of choir only rehearsals
      • 6.5 hours of full orchestra and choir rehearsals with the BSO under the direction of Maestro Case Scaglione
      • Perform on stage at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
    • Post-Concert Reception with BSO Musicians
    • Work-friendly schedule



  • Academy Week
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    The BSO Academy Week brings together passionate, adult instrumental musicians from all over the United States for a unique experience with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Led by the exceptional Maestra Marin Alsop, participants play side-by-side with the BSO in rehearsals and performances and experience master classes, lectures, chamber music coachings, chamber orchestra and sectionals led by orchestra members and experts in the field. The Academy Week provides an immersive experience for participants who desire an intensive learning experience.


  • Music Educators Week
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    In collaboration with UMBC, the BSO Music Educators Academy inspires and invigorates Vocal and Instrumental Music Educators as well as those pursuing a career in Music Education. This program will immerse participants in the world of the orchestra by playing, learning, and performing side-by-side with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Case Scaglione. This course is also available for 3 graduate credit hours through UMBC.


  • Arts Administrators
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    Arts Administrators

    The Arts Administrator Track during the BSO Academy week offers orchestra administrators a “behind-the-scenes” look at the unique Academy Week Program.

    Program content includes:

    • Observe all Academy Week classes and rehearsals
    • Budget development
    • Funding strategies
    • Staffing
    • Running the Academy Week
    • Program evaluation


  • Instrumental & Chamber Clinics
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    Join the BSO on May 17th for String Orchestra and Brass Ensemble Clinics at the historic Wyndham Peabody Court Hotel. 

    Tuition: $250 (includes lunch and parking)

    Date: May 17, 2014

    Time: 9 am - 4:30 pm

    Location: Wyndham Peabody Court Hotel, Baltimore, MD


  • Rusty Musicians
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    A one-night event, the BSO Rusty Musicians brings together adult musicians with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra to rehearse and play through major symphonic works.