• Overview

    BSO Academy Week

    Saturday, June 18, 2016 - Saturday, June 25, 2016

    We are still accepting applications for most instruments for the 2016 Academy Week! Click a track below for more details!

    Play side-by-side with the pros at BSO Academy Week! Eight days, four intensive and exhilarating tracks for adult musicians, music educators and arts administrators:

    Orchestral Track:
    Rehearse and perform with the BSO on stage at the Meyerhoff

    Chamber Music Track:
    Play in chamber ensembles led by BSO musicians

    Music Educator Track:
    An intensive professional development program featuring the opportunity to earn three graduate credits or three Continuing Professional Development credits through the Maryland State Department of Education, play side-by-side with the BSO on stage at the Meyerhoff, and participate in a series of conducting workshops culminating in the opportunity to conduct the BSO

    Arts Administrator Track:
    Learn how to create your own Academy

  • NEW in 2016!

    What's new at the BSO Academy Week this year?

    • Nicholas Hersh appointed Academy Conductor for 2016!
    • Rehearse and perform in the Academy String Orchestra, Woodwind Ensembles, Brass Ensembles, and Percussion Ensembles - with no additional participation fee!
    • New low prices for chamber musicians: Play in chamber music or chamber orchestra alone, or join the Academy on the Chamber Track Express, a perfect option for working professionals!  
    • Save on tuition with new bring-a-friend discounts and a raffle drawing for FREE tuition for the 2016 Academy! See Fees & Schedules for more information
    • Protect your Academy payments by signing up for travel insurance and receive a $50 rebate!
    • SIX Academy Clinics! Learn more!
  • Orchestral Track
    Orchestral Track

    Orchestral Track

    Rehearse and perform with the BSO

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    “The Academy has been a life changer for me. Playing and coming to the Academy has given me a whole new life at age 66. I'm still the musician I always was, but I know I must be a better musician because of all this. I am so grateful for the BSO musicians who have taken the time to help me along the way.” – 2015 Participant

    The Orchestral Track offers musicians an intensive orchestral experience through rehearsals, sectionals and performances of major orchestral repertoire side-by-side with the BSO.


  • Chamber Music Track
    Chamber Track

    Chamber Music Track

    Play in chamber ensembles led by BSO musicians

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    “There is no experience to match working with a professional. Our skills are raised and we can set sights on new horizons. The joy from our music making during Academy gives us courage to continue and opens new pathways for us when we return home.” – 2015 Participant (Chamber Track)

    The Chamber Music Track, created with the avid chamber musician in mind, features chamber music and chamber orchestra sessions, sectionals, the opportunity to participate in BSO-led workshops on chamber music techniques and two performance opportunities.


  • Music Educator Track
    Music Educator Track

    Music Educator Track

    Participate in a series of conducting workshops culminating in the opportunity to conduct the BSO

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    “[The Music Educator Track] re-ignited my passion for teaching. Being able to perform at a high caliber and share and give a portion of that experience back to my students is amazing.” – 2015 Participant (Oboe)

    The Academy Music Educator Track inspires music educators as well as those pursuing a career in music education. This program immerses participants in the world of the orchestra by playing, learning and performing side-by-side with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. It is designed to invigorate music educators by focusing on improving musicianship, performance techniques, conducting skills, improvisation, arranging, practice techniques and ensemble skills. This intensive program also offers the option for participants to earn three graduate credits through the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


  • Arts Administrator Track
    Academy Artsadministratorstrack

    Arts Administrator Track

    Learn how to create your own Academy

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    The Arts Administrator Track offers orchestra administrators a “behind-the-scenes” look at the unique Academy Week program with insights into the program’s history, funding and logistical strategies, as well as integration of both the amateur and professional musician mindsets.