All students auditioning for BSYO should follow the steps below.

1) Determine which ensemble is the best fit for your musical development:

2) Complete the online application form. ***Please note: at this time, all spots are filled for our June auditions. By completing the application form you will be added to our wait list and our contact list for future auditions.

3) Submit the application fee. ***If an audition spot becomes available we will contact you with further information about submitting the application fee.

4) Once your application is complete, we will contact you by email with your audition time and other necessary details.

5) Prepare for your audition, making sure to follow the audition requirements. You do not need to audition twice if you are interested in more than one orchestra, but you must prepare excerpts for the highest level orchestra for which you wish to audition.

6) After the audition, it may take a few weeks to notify everyone with their results. Notifications are generally done by email. Results are final.