OrchKids at Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School

Neighborhood: Harlem Park
Children Enrolled: 240
Grades Served: Pre-K – 8
Year Established: September 2009
Site Coordinator: Camille Delaney-McNeil

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Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School is OrchKids’ West Baltimore Hub Site and has been since the second year of the program (2009).  It houses all ability levels, from first-year instrumentalists through the program’s top ensembles.  OrchKids at Lockerman-Bundy strives to provide foundational music training for the program’s instrumentalists and performance ensembles. 


What Happens at Lockerman-Bundy

During School

Musicianship classes for grades Pre-K – 2 (two 45-minute classes per week):

  • Comprehensive ear training
  • Rhythm and tonal training
  • Introduction to Music Theory


After School

Group Lessons, Ensemble Rehearsals, Performance Ensemble Rehearsals:

  • 1st year instrumentalists receive group instruction (4 days/week)
  • 2nd year instrumentalists start preparing for Orchestra in Wind and String Ensembles (5 days/week)
  • 3rd year and up instrumentalists participate in Orchestra (5 days/week)


  • All students participate in choir rehearsals

Performance Ensembles:

  • Performance Bucket Band: 12-15 OrchKids audition to participate in the performing Bucket Band Ensemble.  Bucket Band is frequently contracted for local and national performances.
  • Performance Choir: 30-40 students audition to participate in the OrchKids Performing Choir.  This choir is often contracted for local and national performances.
  • Chamber Music: (Established 2013) OrchKids in their 5th year or more are selected to form small chamber ensembles that perform together for various events and concerts.

Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School
301 North Pulaski Street
Baltimore, MD 21223