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Markus Stenz, Principal Guest Conductor
Alfred Walker, bass-baritone

Wagner // Selections from Parsifal Listen Now

The elusive Holy Grail is a metaphor throughout history for desires beyond reach. In Parsifal, a young knight's quest is a heroic search for forgiveness and reconciliation. Join BSO Principal Guest Conductor Markus Stenz and explore the controversial composer’s dramatic quest. As Nietzsche described the piece, “Has Wagner ever written anything better?”

Saturday at the Meyerhoff: Join us after the performance for an Oktoberfest party in the Meyerhoff lobby featuring live accordion music by Simone Baron and P&Q soft pretzels with porter cheddar sauce from Pen & Quill.


Off The Cuff
Off The Cuff: Wagner's Quest

Marin Alsop, Music Director
Alisa Jordheim, soprano
Diana Moore, alto
Benjamin Butterfield, tenor
Michael Dean, bass
University of Maryland Concert Choir, Edward Maclary, Director of Choral Activities

Mozart // Requiem Listen Now

An ‘unknown, gray stranger’ knocked on Mozart’s door requesting a Requiem Mass on the condition that the composer would not seek to learn the identity of his patron. Mozart threw himself obsessively into the composition, but fell ill and was unable to finish the score. Join Maestra Alsop and explore the mystery behind the Mass.

Off The Cuff
Off The Cuff: Mozart's Mysterious Requiem

Marin Alsop, Music Director
Visuals from the Baltimore Museum of Art

Debussy // La Mer Listen Now
Ravel // La Valse Listen Now

Waves of sound crash through the hall during Debussy's La Mer in this concert presented in partnership with the Baltimore Museum of Art. Ravel describes the “whirling” patterns of La Valse as, “Swirling clouds afford glimpses, through rifts, of waltzing couples.” Yet this waltz may have a darker side: a world war, the death of a loved one and a ballet never danced. Discover many influences of these impressionist masterworks.

Off The Cuff
Off The Cuff: Impressionist Masterworks

Marin Alsop, Music Director

Stravinsky // The Rite of Spring Listen Now

A piece of music that is so wild, so barbaric and yet so brilliant that it incited a riot, Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring is terrifying, beautiful and awe-inspiring. Inspired by folksongs with roots of pagan times, the composer pushed the boundaries of classical instruments to evoke earthy and bestial sounds. Join Marin Alsop and explore Stravinsky's galvanizing masterpiece.

Off The Cuff
Off The Cuff: Rite of Spring

Marin Alsop, Music Director
Baltimore School for the Arts Dancers
Staged by Deborah Wingert
Coached by Heather Watts

Tchaikovsky // Serenade for Strings in C Major (Choreography by George Balanchine © The George Balanchine Trust) Listen Now

Tchaikovsky is famous for ballet, yet his Serenade for Strings was not originally composed for dance. Its poignant themes inspired world-renowned choreographer George Balanchine to transform it into a ballet in 1934. Experience the musical and visual journey of this graceful score destined for dance performed by dancers from the Baltimore School for the Arts, staged by Deborah Wingert with coaching by Heather Watts, both former New York City Ballet dancers.

Off The Cuff
Off The Cuff: Tchaikovsky with Balanchine

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JUNE 2013
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