A primer on America’s most patriotic composition.

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BSO Music Director honored at BBC Proms concert.

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Music in Za'atari

A weeklong fellowship by Music For Life International will bring music and music lessons to Syrian refugees in a Jordanian camp.

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Take it Slow

Millennium-long piece of music turns to Kickstarter to develop a portable 1,000-minute version for the shorter attention span.

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Viral Violins

Classical album sales continue to slide, but a viral video of fireworks and the success of Lindsey Stirling show the opportunities online.

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From Russia With Love

The 1812 Overture celebrates a Russian victory over the French, but it is a Fourth of July tradition. How does that work?

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Needs More Cowbell!

On the eve of this weekend’s concert, “Percussion Strikes Again!,” BSO percussionist John Locke talks about run-ins with the cops, soundproof rooms and what all percussionists have in common.

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Party Like It’s 1799

Could live classical music at house parties be the answer to turning millennials onto a new genre of music? A Boston-based startup called Groupmuse thinks so.

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In the Folds

When Ben Folds performs with the BSO this summer, it won’t be the first time the musician has teamed up with some unlikely collaborators.

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Young Geniuses

The Internet loves a musical prodigy. Here are a few we think just might succeed as adults, too. 

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Baggage Bummers

If you think dealing with airline baggage rules is a hassle, try traveling with a cello. Or a double bass. Or a priceless pipa. 

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A Turbulent Time

When the BSO’s Kristin Ostling was detained at London’s Heathrow Airport, it made news the world over. Here’s her version of the story.

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Class Acts

Before these actors were known for reading lines, they could read music. Very, very well. 

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Take 5 with Lisa Steltenpohl, BSO Principal Viola

Starting a new job can be tricky. But it didn’t take long for newly-appointed Principal Viola Lisa Steltenpohl to get her feet wet. Two weeks after joining the BSO, she makes her solo debut this weekend performing in Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.

Crossover Classics

In today’s YouTube world, classical crossover artists are enjoying their day in the limelight. But is that a good thing for classical music? 

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By George!

George Takei is a man of many guises: Starfleet lieutenant on “Star Trek;” semi-regular on the “Howard Stern Show"; social media darling, outspoken advocate of gay rights, and he recently launched a unisex perfume called Eau My, a reference to his famous catchphrase, “Ohh, myyy!” We caught up with Mr. Takei for a couple of quick games of “Complete this Sentence…” and “This or That?”

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10 Things You Need to Know About the TImpani

Ah, the timpani. No orchestral percussion section is complete without them! And here at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, we have one of the most killer timpanists in the biz, James Wyman (otherwise known as the Tattooed Timpanist), who is about to drop some knowledge on you about these drums with the funny name.

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The BSO's Got Its Own Music Man

What do the Ravens, former BSO music director Yuri Temirkanov and former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor William Donald Schaefer all have in common? They have all served as fodder for the musical compositions of BSO bass player Jonathan Jensen.

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Musical Bad Boys: Mozart vs. Bieber

Is Justin Bieber taking a page out of the W.A. Mozart playbook? At first glance, pop star Justin Bieber and composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would appear to have absolutely nothing in common. But take a closer look. 

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OrchKids Receive White House Award

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s OrchKids program is one of 12 recipients of the 2013 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards, the signature program of the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities.

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Timpani Transformation

BSO Principal Timpanist James Wyman has taken on an interesting project: converting the BSO’s existing set of timpani drums from the American style into the German style.

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