OrchKids Teaching Fellowships

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's OrchKids Program is pleased to announce that it is now accepting woodwind, brass, musicianship, and string applications for its class of OrchKids Teaching Fellows for Fall 2020--Spring 2022. Two Fellowship positions will be accepted based on the candidates.

The OrchKids Fellowship is designed to train a new generation of teaching artists and social entrepreneurs. Nestled in the heart of Baltimore City, OrchKids Fellows develop their unique teaching voice and philosophy through rigorous professional development, immersive teaching experiences and collaborative leadership.

Through this two-year program, Fellows receive training in nonprofit administration, project cultivation, and teaching in both private and large group settings.

Successful Fellows demonstrate and embrace OrchKids’ educational philosophy which aims to simultaneously foster students’ instrumental skills (i.e. technique, learning diverse, challenging repertoire) AND creativity (e.g. improvisation and composition). OrchKids‘ educational approach also centers itself around fluency in using music as a tool for social change. This is accomplished through restorative, classroom management techniques, trauma-informed teaching, an awareness of racism and implicit bias, and collaborative student composition.

Each month, Fellows will also have the unique opportunity to gain targeted learning opportunities via learning modules in nonprofit management in the areas of development, education/programming, operations, marketing, as well as perspectives from leaders in the arts education field. A large part of the fellowship is the cultivation of performances for the community. Fellows will program, curate, and perform in at least one community engagement concert each year involving OrchKids students, developing their entrepreneurial skills as they use their art to connect with local neighborhoods.

For more information and to apply, visit: http://orchkids.org/ourprogram/fellowship-program/