By Jack Fishman, VP, External Affairs, BSO at Strathmore

Not all the musical action is on stage at Strathmore. On six Saturday mornings each season, a small ensemble from the BSO performs in the Lockheed Martin Lobby.

Why the lobby?

Because the audience is too small to fit into the concert hall’s regular seats!

The BSO’s Director of Education Annemarie Guzy explains:

“The Music Box Series is our newest series for the tiniest of music lovers. This interactive concert series is designed specifically for children ages six months to three years and their families.”  

Hosted by acclaimed actress, dancer and storyteller Maria Broom, the Music Box Series gives young children the chance to explore music through highly engaging and interactive performances. Each 30-minute concert promotes musical, motor and language development through bouncing, clapping, listening, singing and other hands-on activities. The concerts feature a small ensemble of BSO musicians performing classical children’s pieces to provide a captivating musical, social and educational experience for both children and their families.  

Each concert is unique with its own theme, classical music selections, chamber ensemble, and children’s songs, yet there is continuity between each concert. Two cornerstone songs—The Good Morning Song and The Celebrate Song start and finish each of the Music Box concerts.  “It has been amazing to watch these very young children begin to recognize these songs,” said Guzy. “Even those too young to talk, you see their eyes light up at the recognition, and for the two and three-year-olds who have come before, they start to sing along even before Miss Maria teaches the words.”

Musical creativity is important for both parent and child. It promotes creativity, motor skills, language skills and literacy. The BSO strives to incorporate these essential skills into each of these concerts. Strathmore is an excellent venue for these concerts, with its beautiful lobby spaces and light-filled windows. Children begin their concert experience from the moment they walk through the doors, with bright colorful signs down the corridor leading to the preconcert activities. “They crawl down the steps with every movement in anticipation of the concert they’re about to experience. With an intimate audience, the concert experience can flow seamlessly between activities, movements, listening and parent-child interaction,” explained Guzy.

Each Saturday morning in the series there are two Music Box performances—at 10 a.m. and at 11:30 a.m. The next performances at Strathmore are:

  • April 18: On Safari
  • May 16: In the Treetops
  • June 6: Around the Globe


 Jack Fishman