Nov 2, 2016
by Jack Fishman, VP, External Affairs, BSO at Strathmore

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra continually seeks to innovate in order to better serve audiences through our concert programming and array of audience experiences. Based on the responses to surveys we conducted last spring, we decided to offer insights about our concert selections in a digital podcast format. This survey indicated there is a much wider audience for adult learning if it is done online.

Podcasts are available on the BSO website concert pages and are archived at The BSO at Strathmore no longer offers live pre-concert lectures. 

Our podcast presenters will be Classical WETA 90.9FM On-Air Hosts David Ginder and Marilyn Cooley and WBJC 91.5FM Program Director Jonathan Palevsky.

Each composition will be the subject of a separate podcast. The length will vary, with most lasting five to seven minutes. The podcasts are available via streaming from our website. They will be posted approximately a month prior to each performance.

Later in 2017, we will invite audience feedback with surveys to help shape this new format for pre-concert learning. If you have immediate questions, please contact Jack Fishman at or (301) 581-5210.