BSO Principal Trumpet Andy Balio’s interest in architecture and the New Urbanism philosophy of Léon Krier has led to a concert in a surprising Montgomery County location. On Monday, September 22 at 7 pm a brass quintet consisting of Andy Balio and four other BSO musicians will perform music by Victor Ewald and Oskar Böhme at The Arts Barn in the Kentlands development of Gaithersburg.

The Arts Barn, 311 Kent Square Rd,
Gaithersburg, MD 20878-5727

Andy and his wife Laura first visited the Kentlands about a year ago. “The first thing we noticed was that they had two music stores,” exclaimed Balio. “The philosophy of the New Urbanists includes the integration of the arts into daily life. They plan for walkable communities, with small nearby stores and an organic flow. Kentlands also has the Arts Barn and Mansion for concerts and community events. With its proximity to Strathmore, we thought it was the perfect setting for a Mount Vernon Brass Quintet concert.”

According to, the ten principals of new urbanism are:

  1. Walkability
  2. Connectivity
  3. Mixed-Use & Diversity
  4. Mixed Housing
  5. Quality Architecture and Housing Design
  6. Traditional Neighborhood Structure
  7. Increased Density
  8. Green Transportation
  9. Sustainability
  10. Quality of Life

Andy met with the leaders of the Arts Barn and planned two concerts there for the coming season. The Arts Barn has very intimate seating for just 99 patrons (compared to the 1,976 seats at Strathmore). Balio said that he is, “an admirer of Kentlands and it proves that development can be both new and beautiful. New Urbanism communities always sky-rocket in price because of the combined value of the land and the community experience they offer.” Music by five BSO brass musicians sounds like a perfect fit.