The BSO gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following Corporations, Foundations and Individuals who have kindly contributed to the BSO United Kingdom and Ireland 2018 Tour.


Global Tour Sponsors



Major Tour Sponsors




$10,000 or more
Greater Baltimore Committee
Lainy LeBow-Sachs

$5,000 to $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Biddle III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coutts
Michael and Deanne Ernst 
Peter Kjome and Kristen Morrison
Sarellen and Marshall A. Levine, M.D.
Earl and Darielle Linehan 
Barry and Susan Rosen
Saul Ewing LLP
Hon. Steve Schuh and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Shawe

$1,000 to $4,999
Stanley Asrael
Ellen Baron Blaustein and Mordecai P. Blaustein, M.D.
Gaylord and Margery Clark 
Carol and Alan Edelman
Mr. Donald Fry
Dr. Glen Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. E. Robert Kent, Jr.
Mr. Stephen Kramer
Darrell Lemke and Maryellen Trautman 
Harvey and Phyllis Meyerhoff 
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Salcman
Rev. Joseph Skillman and Mrs. Barbara Skillman
Cape Foundation 
Turner B. and Judith R. Smith

$500 to $999
Shirley Alonso 
Mark and Erin Anderson 
Anonymous (2)
Mauricio and Marlene Athie 
Mr. Fred Bader
Ms. Naomi Balto
Mr. Hellmut D.W. Bauer
Ms. Nancy Billing
Mrs. Barbara Bond
Edward and Patricia Bouwer 
David and Alice Brainerd 
Mrs. Barbara Celtnieks
Mrs. Mary Ellen Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cowie, Jr.
Dr. Dorothy Wicker
Cornelius and Eleanor Darcy 
Kirsten Eland and Alan Levine 
Dr. Michael A. Erdek
Dr. Robert and Janet Fleishman
Robert and Carole Fontenrose 
Robert and Harriet Friedman 
Fred and Jeannette Gaede 
Mr. Gerard Gaeng
Ms. Kathy Godfrey
Ms. Ali Guinasso
Mr. Joseph Hall
Dr. Maxwell Helfgott
JoAnne and Michael Hildebrand
Jeffrey Hochstetler and Blake Zachary 
William and Ann Hughes 
Scott and Deborah Jacobs 
Dana and David Johns 
Christopher and Henrietta Keller 
Mr. James T. Kelley III
Mr. Richard W. Krajeck
Geoffrey and Fran Kroll 
Alan and Judith Lewis 
Bill and Diane Liebman
Marlee Lindon 
Mr. Joseph S. Massey
Carol McCord 
Mary and Barry Menne 
Ms. Darlene Mitchell
Ms. Martha Monaghan
Mr. Richard Monfred
Michael and Rosemary Noble 
Barbara and Douglas Norland 
Ms. Karen O'Donoghue
Mary and John O'Keefe 
Judy and Scott Phares 
Ann and Frank Rosenberg 
Michael and Janet Rowan 
Dr. Janice Marie Rusnak
Edward Sauer and Barbara Saver 
Lawrence and Diana Schramm 
Amy Shelton
Thomas Shipley and Christopher Taylor 
John Snyder and Carolyn Mills 
Mr. David Souders
Ms. Margaret Steffens
Mr. Edward Steinhouse
Ms. Pamela Stevens
Lori Stone and Gary Hartmann 
Brian and Susan Sullam 
Richard and Bonnie Swerdlow 
Wayne and Martha Taylor 
Ms. Barbara Ellen Thomas
William and Reggi Veatch 
Mr. Thomas Ward
Mrs. Frances Weeks
Jay and Dawn Weinstein 

$5 to $499
Ms. Marian AdleLeire Abalde-Atristain
Mrs. Jane Anderson
Anonymous (3)
Mrs. Ruth Aranow
Maurice and Dottie Arsenault 
Ms. Mary Beth Babikow
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Baetjer
Lyn and John Banghart 
Ms. Nancy Baruch
Ms. Carol L. Berg
Cheryl Bleiberg 
Marlene Blevins 
Ms. Natalie Blum
Mr. Gordon F. Brown
Mr. Thomas A. Burke
Mr. John F. Burkhart
Mrs. Lillian Carter
John and Donna Cookson
Lisa Countess
David and Joanna Cox 
Ms. Lillian Crenshaw
Robert Decoursey
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Crooks
John and Virginia Dickie 
Kenneth and Barbara Diehl 
Lynne Durbin and John Mergen 
Mr. Joseph D. Dvorsky
Deborah Edge and Neal Mann  
Mrs. Nancy S. Elson
Ms. Carol Erhardt
Patricia Evans and Dennis Hamlet 
Paul and Joan Farragut 
Arnold and Beverly Feldman 
Mr. Robert Feldman
Sandra Feldman 
Richard Firestone
John and Frances Flanigan 
Ms. Anna Marie Flynn


John and Berthe Ford 
Haswell and Madeline Franklin 
Elaine Freeman Dr. James B. Fry
John Galleazzi and Elizabeth Hennessey 
Mr. Bernard A. Gelb
Ms. Patricia S. Gilligan
Mr. Alexander Graboski
Mr. Ferdinand Greeff
Ms. Susan Groseclose
David Grossman and
Jaclyn Portnoy 
Ms. Lois A. Gutman
Mark and Susan Haag 
Father Frank Haig
Ms. Carole Finn Halverstadt
Rose and Raymond Hamelin
Mr. Edward Hammerberg 
Harriett and Christopher Harvey 
Barbara and Carl Hecht 
Phillip and Mary Lou Henderson 
Mary and Louis Hogan
Leonard and Betsy Homer 
Ms. Leigh Hubbard
Mr. Frank M. Hudson
Ms. Jane Hughes
Ms. Faith K. Jaffe
Ms. Michelle M. Jefferson
Mrs. Katherine B. Johnson
Claiborne and Poul Jorgensen 
Andrew and Susan Katz 
Howard and Marion Katz 
Thomas and Deborah Kavanagh 
Judd Kessler and Carol Farris 
Nancy King and Karen Robb 
Ms. Kristine Kingery
Marcel and Barbara Klik 
Mr. Nicholas Klise
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Kriston, Jr.
Joseph and Eileen Labrum 
Mrs. Geraldine K. Lakin
Kate and Paul Ledbetter 
Marie Lerch and Jeff Kolb 
Elka and Marcos Levin 
Orville and Marion Lewis 
John and Linda Linton 
Mr. William C. Litsinger, Jr
Mrs. Harry R. Locke
Ms. Teddi Elaine Lopez
Mrs. Judith A. Lorenz
Mr. Lawrence J. Lubetsky
Judy Lyons and Roger Wolf 
Ms. JoAnna A. Macht
Mr. Gerard Marconi
Jordon and Beverly Max 
Mr. Kevin McCahill
Charles and Margie McCormick
Ms. Margaret E. McFadden
Lucy and Paul McKean 
Ms. Louise E. Miller
Ms. Nancy J. Minghetti
Mrs. Ruth Ann Mintiens
Ms. Margaret Mitchell
Mr. George Murnu
Mr. Allen L. Myers
Norvin and Barbara Myers 
Ms. Valdy Naimie
Audrey Neely 
Ms. Margaretta D. Nes
Paul and Susan Niemeyer 
Roger North and Susan Sharp 
Elizabeth Nuss 
Kevin and Diane O'Connor
Michael and Sharon O'Conner
Mr. Thomas O'Hare, Jr.
Scott Osborne and Margaret McCann-Osborne 
Ms. Judy Ozone
Jeffrey and Jacqueline Pargament 
Ms. Kim M. Peake
John and Geraldine Pecora 
Dr. Lesley A. Perry
Tim and Mary Perry
Malcolm and Margaret Pfunder
Leo Plourde and Judith Ott 
John and Susan Poole 
Frederick and Mary Preis 
Ms. Gail Price
Ms. Kathleen H. Pupa
W. and Jane Quigley 
John and Phyllis Rebstock
Mr. Irwin Richman
John and Judith Ritterhoff
Ms. Harriet M. Roberts
Mrs. Rosalie Rosenzwog
Jerome and Ruth Ross 
Mr. Horea Rus
Ms. Virginia Ryan
Vice Adm. James A. Sagerholm
Myra Schein 
Ms. Katherine Schmidt
Mr. Peter Schulz
Mr. William Seabrook
Joyce and Lawrence Shaffer 
Mildred Shapiro 
Mrs. Lloyd Shirley
David and Christine Silberberg 
Ms. Jean H. Simkins
Mr. Edwin Simmons
Ellwood and Thelma Sinsky 
Ms. Cornelia Skipton
Ms. Deborah Smith
Elizabeth and Claire Smith
F. Louise and Wayne F. Smith 
Ms. Virginia F. Smith
Joel Spruck and Ellen Robbins 
Mr. Davis L. Statton
Ms. Laura S. Steele
Damie and Diane Stillman 
Ms. Dorothy Theisz
Jeff Trask
Maureen and Richard Turman 
Kathryn Wachter 
Howard and Carol Wagenheim 
Richard and Mary Wahl
Dr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Walcher
Dale Walker
Mr. Carter Warfield
Jack and Nancy Warren 
Martin and Barbara Wasserman 
Joan Wibbe 
Ms. S. Sue Wilkening
Donald and Jerriann Wilson 
John and Jo Ann Wittmann 
Mr. Thomas R. Woleslagle
Ms. Miryam Yardumian
Charles and Carol Yoder
Ms. Ethel Zelenske
Donald and Nancy Zurwelle