Midweek Concert: Star-Spangled Banner

Midweek Concert

Limited tickets are available for the November 5th concert at 11:30 and November 6th concert at 10am. Please contact the BSO Education Dept. directly to inquire about availability and to purchase tickets at
education@bsomusic.org / 410.783.8118

The BSO celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner.  Uncover the history of the Mid-Atlantic and the country during the early 1800s and explore the creation of America’s National Anthem by Francis Scott Key.

Music for Youth: Grades 4-6
Approximately 40 minutes in length
Whether new comers to the orchestra or already young musicians, these concerts will engage students and provide meaningful connections to key curriculum subjects.

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Questions about the Midweek Concerts? The BSO Education Department would love to help. Please contact us at education@bsomusic.org | 410.783.8118