Markia SmithMarkia Smith is a rising sophomore at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. She is studying as a BFA acting major; originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Markia began her training at the Baltimore School for the Arts. She is elated to be involved with Hairspray and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra once again! In 2013 Markia was fortunate enough to play alongside some amazing artists in the role of Little Inez. This go round, she has the wonderful opportunity to tackle this whirlwind of a show as a Record Shop Kid and support an amazing cast. Markia would like to thank her family, friends and mentors for their constant love & support. A special thanks goes to her mother and father for always allowing her to pursue her passion; no matter how far fetched it may seem! Markia hopes you're ready to "set off sparks, like Rosa Parks" because you're in for a treat!