Midweek Concert: This Land Is Your Land

Midweek Concert

Nicholas Hersh, conductor
Vince Vaise, Chief Interpreter of Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, narrator
Living Historians from Fort McHenry

Please note the following performances are SOLD OUT:
Thursday, October 27th 11:30am

“This Land Is Your Land” honors the 100th year of the National Park Service with live orchestral music, highlighting our country’s most beautiful National Parks. From the history of how the National Park Service came to be, to the significance of the parks in modern day, this concert showcases curriculum connections to social studies, history, science, English language arts, 21st century skills and music.

Music for Youth: Grades 4-6
Wednesday @ 10 am
Thursday @ 10 am
Friday @ 11:30 am

Approximately 40 minutes in length
Whether new comers to the orchestra or already young musicians, these concerts will engage students and provide meaningful connections to key curriculum subjects. 

Midweek Concerts for High School Students: Grades 9-12
Wednesday @ 11:30 am LIMITED AVAILABILITY
Thursday @ 11:30 am SOLD OUT
Approximately 45 minutes in length
With exciting music, visuals and stimulating narratives, these concerts will foster a lifelong appreciation for how the arts connect all aspects of our modern-day and future lives.

STEAM Concert
This concert explore connections to science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM).

Teachers Guide

Please note that tickets for Midweek concerts are not refundable.