Music Box: 1,2,3 Count With Me

Music Box

For children ages 6 months-3 years

Maria Broom, host
Percussion Quartet

Sing, bounce and dance to the rhythms of everything from Ragtime to Mozart and Latin music.

Give your budding music lover the chance to explore music through this highly engaging and interactive performance. The half-hour lobby concert features the musical talents of a small ensemble of musicians of the BSO performing classical and children's songs to develop musicality, creativity, coordination and literacy.

30 minutes prior to the concert the lobby fills with a range of musical, creative and fun activities for babies and families. 

Please noteAttendees of all ages are required to have a ticket. Concerts take place in the lobby and seating is unreserved.

Supported, in part, by Mr. Bruce Rosenblum and Ms. Lori Laitman.