El Sistema Concert Production

“Behind the Performance Curtain”

 “Creating THE Concert by inspiring your community”

Join the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s OrchKids staff, admin, students, parents and teachers as they prepare for a string of concerts during Artscape, the world’s largest free arts festival, in this result driven seminar focusing on “HOW TO DESIGN THE EL SISTEMA CONCERT EXPERIENCE.”

Through this 4 day seminar participants will study techniques for designing engaging, pedagogically sound, and extremely entertaining concert productions in the style of El Sistema.

Sessions will include:

  • Thinking outside the standard repertoire
  • Mixed genre concert programming
  • Music integrated art activities
  • Student motivated concert decision- Dress, staging, food, etc.
  • Building advocacy with an emphasis on in concert motivational speaking
  • Building connective talking points that will reach diverse audiences
  • Expanding what the concert hall looks like 

Hands on Teacher workshops that include:

  • Jazz Band- Workshop
  • Bucket Band- Workshop
  • String - Workshop
  • Creative Composition