BSO Day of Giving 2019

February 11, midnight to midnight



With over 267 gifts in one day from generous BSO friends, patrons, staff, and musicians the BSO Day of Giving has been a tremendous success. With your help we raised over $160,000 to support the BSO. Thank you for making it possible!


Challenge Goal Gifts so far Dollars
The Howard and Michelle Rosenbloom Challenge for Artistic Excellence and Innovation $5,000 by noon
$10,000 by noon
$20,000 by midnight
79 $71,810
The BSO Board Challenge for Community Outreach 100 gifts 111 $53,667

The Cathy McClelland Challenge in Support of Education and OrchLab

15 gifts by noon
50 gifts by 4pm
100 gifts by midnight
102 $46,600

Last update: 2/21/2019 9:00am EST.

24 hours to celebrate the BSO! Did you know? The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra performed for the very first time on February 11, 1916.

"The long-awaited first concert … originally was intended for Albaugh's [Lyceum] Theater on North Charles Street, but the ticket sale was so large that it had to be moved to the larger hall. Even then, there was standing room only. The first folks to express that demand stretched in a line four blocks waiting for a ticket agency office to open.”
W. Edwin Moffet, Baltimore Sun, On its 100th birthday, a look back at the birth of the BSO by Tim Smith

To commemorate this historic date, on February 11, 2019, the BSO community in Maryland and around the globe celebrates the impact of philanthropy in supporting high-quality music performance and music education for all.

Three generous donors have issued challenges for those who support the things they are most passionate about at the BSO.

Join us in this celebration by making a gift in support of the BSO Day of Giving.

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Keep reading to join the excitement or make your gift now designated to the "2019 BSO Day of Giving"!

BSO OrchLab Fundraising Concert

Monday, February 11, 7:30 pm


In order to guarantee the safety of patrons and musicians, we will be rescheduling today's concert. All donors to the Cathy McClelland Education and OrchLab Challenge will be contacted shortly.

If you have any questions about the concert, please call (301) 581-5215.

As part of this special day, we are capping off the celebration with an exceptional chamber music performance of the Mozart Clarinet Quintet and the Brahms Clarinet Quintet, with BSO Principal Clarinet YaoGuang Zhai and other BSO musicians.

Artistic Excellence and Innovation

Great music is meant to take you to a higher plane, and innovation is a huge part of this.

Founded as an orchestra in 1916, the BSO has fulfilled its potential to be great, with its innovative programs, artistic collaborations, and community outreach over the last hundred years. Every year the orchestra strives to change our perception of what classical music can be and is determined to continue to do so.

We work hard today to continue bringing collaborations with artists of the level of Yo-Yo Ma, Joshua Bell, and Hilary Hahn and to help develop young up-and-coming talent.

Every year, your BSO commissions new works, produces the groundbreaking BSO Pulse concert series — bringing together the worlds of classical music and indie artists onto one stage, and releases a steady schedule of critically-acclaimed recordings such as Handel’s Messiah in 2019.

  • The Howard and Michelle Rosenbloom Challenge

Goal: $5,000 by noon with dollar to dollar match! - CHALLENGE MET!
$10,000 by noon with dollar to dollar match! - CHALLENGE MET!
$20,000 by midnight with dollar to dollar match! - CHALLENGE MET!

Howard and Michelle have been subscribers and donors to the BSO for decades. You can find them in the Governing Members Lounge on Thursday nights enthusiastically discussing the evening’s performance.

“The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has been an important part of our lives and the lives of our family before us. We were proud to help sponsor the celebrations around the 100th birthday of the BSO in February, 2016 and we are delighted to participate in this year’s Day of Giving.

We encourage others to join us to sustain this world class cultural treasure well into the future.”

In honor of the extraordinary role of the BSO in advancing orchestral and classical music, they have issued a $5,000 match!

This match will be met if we raise $5,000 before noon, February 11, in support of Artistic Excellence and Innovation at the BSO! To help meet this challenge, click on the button below or add “Rosenbloom Challenge” to your gift designation today:

Make a Gift to this Challenge


Music for All

Musical Mondays, pop-up Concerts at Penn Station, Baltimore City Hall or the National Aquarium, free performances at Artscape—America’s largest free arts festival, our open doors New Music Festival …  

The list of community outreach activities by the BSO is seemingly endless and speaks to the commitment of the Orchestra to remain deeply involved in the social fabric of our two homes.

Today, over a hundred years since its founding, the orchestra continues to create and develop exceptional music programs that are open to everyone from music connoisseurs to music lovers of every level. Musical Mondays and Pop-up Concerts are only some of the inventive programs that serve as living proof that a symphony hall is not a place reserved for the few but rather a place for all.

Through a huge variety of concert types where everyone can find something that speaks to them, the BSO is here to help celebrate and share a love for art, music and education, no matter the background or experience.

As the first orchestra launched as branch of the City of Baltimore, it fulfills a historic mission to serve its community and make music universally accessible to everyone. When the orchestra grew so much that it required external funds, it was purely the support of its community that made it possible for the BSO to continue its mission.

  • The BSO Board Challenge

Goal: 100 gifts received on February 11 to meet $25,000 challenge - CHALLENGE MET!

The BSO Board of Directors firmly believes that our BSO needs to be immersed in the communities around our two homes in Baltimore and Strathmore.

Their challenge gift is designated for the first 100 gifts received today with the designation “Music for All.” To help meet this challenge, click on the button below or add “BSO Board Challenge” to your gift designation.

Make a Gift to this Challenge


Our Youth is Our Future

From the origins of the BSO as a branch of the City of Baltimore, sharing the joy of music with our youngest patrons has been a cornerstone of the BSO.

Educational concerts and programs became a permanent mission of the BSO in February 1924. The orchestra that soon became a cultural ambassador for Maryland was also the first orchestra in the United States to create a series of performances that gave children the opportunity to hear music from an early age. It remains a focus today and has greatly evolved and expanded to include successful educational programs for children of all backgrounds and ages.

In our home at The Music Center at Strathmore, programs like OrchLab for Montgomery County continue to bring this legacy alive for Montgomery County students.

  • The Cathy McClelland Challenge

Photo of Cathy McClelland

Goal: 15 gifts by noon, February 11, to meet $1,500 challengeCHALLENGE MET!
50 gifts by 4pm to meet $5,000 challenge
100 gifts by midnight to meet $25,000 challenge - CHALLENGE MET!

Cathy McClelland has been deeply involved with the BSO for decades. You may not know her, but if you have ever taken a backstage tour or attended a Midweek Concert at the Meyerhoff you have almost certainly seen or heard her (she provides post-concert remarks for students). She would be that woman in the red coat who was out unloading the yellow school buses rain or shine!

Cathy and her husband Mac have generously offered a challenge gift of $1,500 for the first 15 gifts designated to our Education initiatives during the BSO Day of Giving, including programs such as OrchLab in Montgomery County, the Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestras (BSYO), and the ever-popular Midweek Concerts. Simply designate your gift today to the Cathy McClelland Challenge or click on the button below!

Make a Gift to this Challenge

BONUS! Designate your gift to OrchLab in Montgomery County to attend a special concert on the Day of Giving featuring a performance of the Mozart Clarinet Quintet and the Brahms Clarinet Quintet, with BSO Principal Clarinet YaoGuang Zhai and other BSO musicians. Call (301) 581-5215 for more information.

Thank you!

The BSO recognizes with deepest gratitude the following individuals who have made gifts to the BSO Day of Giving:
(updated 4:00pm, in order of gifts received)


David Nickels

Carol Stern

Marge Penhallegon

William Richards

Ernesto Rivera

Gayle Smith

Patricia Gilligan

Howard Martin

Marlene Blevins

Erin Fitzgerald-Rey

John and Susan Warshawsky

Jane Lynn

Beverly Sager

Douglas Hebard

Celia-Ann Rocca

Shirley Hall

Barbara and Douglas Norland

Jeanie Lazerov

Zhongying Pan

Patricia Greene

Myrlon Pressly

Eleanor Koehl

George Alderson

Samira Phillips

Lou Wienecke

Wayne Bethards

Dennis Wickenden

Daniel Ricci

James Anthony

Angel Terol

John and Dione Meinhardt

Tyler Wert

Marcos Pupkin

Michael Gibbons

Sara Krusenstjerna

Panravee Vongjaroenrat

Thomas DeKornfeld

Lauren Duff

Clarissa Cochran

Marjorie Forster

Leslie Margolis

Tracy Lambros

Jeff Thompson

Diane Levitus

Barbara Panowitz

Virginia Smith

Richard Trosch

Gordon Brown

Christer and Mireya Ahl

Susan Buswell

Kathleen Emery

Hanne Schulten

Carole Halverstadt

Anna Mae Becker

Beatrice Dane

Stephen and Nicolene Polyak

Robert Friedman

Bruce Bortz

Charles Emerson Walker

Patricia Karzai

Mary Halpin

Kathleen Shaffer

Richard and Sandra Johnson

Randy Jacobs

Lewis Diuguid

MaryEllen Stepowany

Roy and Debbie Danz

Richard Wachter

Jay Hunter

Philip Levinson

Jeannette Hobbins

Deborah Smith

Janette Smith

Eugene and Mary Cashour

Ruthanne Kaufman

Virginia Yates

Anna McGowan

Barbara Bond

Veronica Douglas

Ellen Robbins

Richard Tullos

Gerald Karg

Mr. and Ms. Gareth Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tildon

Eileen Rosenbaum

Paul Rosenberg

Guenter Bruckmann

Andrea Bowden

Richard Cone

James Hedberg

Patsy Perlman

Roberta Irgens

Jay Weinstein

Charles Wilson

Peggy Brennecke

Martha Armenti

Sharon Myer

Judith Nassau

Ellen Rosen

Lois Schmidt

Cynthia Renn

Eunice Minick

Laura Kittel

Jochen Wurlf

Claire Smith

Laura McConnell

Kevin Parker

Kenneth Gross

Susan Hutton

James Lipton

Barbara Donohoe

Stephen Bono

Gigi Franyo

Alexandra Meyerson

Paula Montgomery

William Heaps

Carolyn Machamer

Kem White

Nancy Suniewick

Susan Meier

Richard Mead

David Coombs

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Karen Morrell

Willard and Natalie Standiford

Joseph Hines