The Governing Members Executive Committee is a group of volunteers who meet quarterly to share feedback about the BSO experience, increase communication within the Governing Membership, drive initiatives and special projects to enhance the BSO experience for current Governing Members, and assist in the planning of recruitment efforts that grow the Governing Members family.


Governing Members Executive Committee at the Meyerhoff

Sandy Laken, Chair

William Copper
Susan Dugan-Konka
Sam Fine
Carole Hamlin
Denise Hargrove
Paul Konka
Mark Laken
Dalia Mitnick
Alan Mitnick
Joy Munster
Bill Nerenberg 
Dotty Nerenberg 

Beverly Sager
Linda Williams
Audrey Wright

Governing Members Executive Committee at Strathmore

Gerri Hall, Chair

Burt Leete
Karen Leete
Jill Lipton
Jim Lipton
Howard Martin
Linda Martin
David Nickels
Janet Rowan
Mike Rowan
Ed Whitman