• Overview

    The Campaign for the BSO’s Second Century is a $65 million campaign to build the BSO’s endowment—sustaining the organization’s growth and vitality and expanding the reach of our innovative and ground-breaking artistic and educational programs. Funds secured through the Campaign will enable the BSO to attract and retain our world-class musicians and guest artists, engage new and diverse audiences and expand the reach of our OrchKids and Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestras (BSYO) education programs.

  • Case for Support

    Read the Resounding Case Statement below:

    Resounding Case Statement RESOUNDING Case Statement - Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (reduced file size)

    Campaign Progress:



    $33,769,327 raised toward $50M goal (67.5%)

    Sustaining Gifts (OrchKids and BSYO): 

    $8,862,866 raised toward $10M goal (88.6%)

    Annual Fund: 

    $7,023,736 secured against $5M increased annual giving goal 


  • Donor Profiles

    Donor Profiles

    Learn how music enriches the lives of our donors and community members:

    Bozzuto profile

    Thomas S. and Barbara M. Bozzuto

    Sponseller profile

    Paul and Amy Sponseller

    Case Statement Profiles

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Liddy Manson profile

    Liddy Manson
    Former Member, BSO Board of Directors

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Kurt Schmoke profile

    Kurt Schmoke
    Baltimore Leader

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Joshua Grandy profile

    Joshua Grandy
    BSYO Student, OrchKids Student

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Charles and Carol Yoder profile

    Charles and Carol Yoder
    BSO Donors

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Hilary Hahn profile

    Hilary Hahn
    Guest Artist

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Marin Alsop profile

    Marin Alsop
    Music Director

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Alexis Green and Kazibi Gildenhuys profile

    Alexis Green and Kazibi Gildenhuys
    Pulse Concert Series Attendees

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Daphne Garcia profile

    Daphne Garcia
    OrchKids Student

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Marcia Kamper profile

    Marcia Kämper
    BSO Flutist

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Harvey Meyerhoff profile

    Harvey M. “Bud” Meyerhoff
    Joseph “Joe” Meyerhoff II
    Elizabeth R. “Buffy” Minkin

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Kenneth Defontes Jr profile

    Kenneth W. Defontes Jr.
    Immediate Past Chair, BSO Board of Directors
    Trustee, Baltimore Symphony Endowment Trust

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Maryann Poling profile

    Maryann Poling
    BSYO Concert Orchestra Conductor

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Cathy McClelland profile

    Cathy McClelland
    Member, Second Century Campaign Committee
    Member, Governing Member Executive Committee
    Chair, Legato Circle

    Resounding Campaign Profiles Jonathan Carney profile

    Jonathan Carney


    Legacy Donors

    Resounding Campaign Profiles BSO_Klise profile

    Nicholas Klise

    Share your story by contacting Angel Terol, BSO Second Century Campaign Director at 410.783.8055 or aterol@BSOmusic.org or visit BSOmusic.org/donate

  • Donor Roll

    The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is enormously grateful to those who are investing in the future of the organization through their support of the Resounding Campaign. We thank the following individuals, corporations and foundations who have made endowment, OrchKids, BSYO and increased annual fund gifts totaling $49.6 million between September 1, 2012 and August 31, 2019 in support of this historic fundraising effort. 

    $5,000,000 AND UP

    Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker
    The Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund


    John and Marjorie Blodgett 
    Bozzuto Family Charitable Fund
    Mr.* and Mrs.* Kingdon Gould, Jr.
    Hecht-Levi Foundation /
    Sandra Levi Gerstung
    Sarellen and Marshall A. Levine, MD
    Joseph and Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds
    Shelter Foundation, Inc. /
    Patricia and Mark K.  Joseph
    Dr. Solomon H. Snyder, MD


    Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
    Helmut D.W. Bauer
    Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown Family Foundation
    Bunting Family Foundation
    Constance R. Caplan
    France-Merrick Foundation
    Peggy & Yale Gordon Charitable Trust / 
    The Emmert Hobbs Foundation, Inc. 
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Griswold, IV
    Gwynne and Leonard Horwits
    Dr. Phyllis R. Kaplan
    Nicholas Klise
    Earl and Darielle Linehan
    The Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation
    Susan and Charles Shubin
    Nancy E. Smith
    David and June Trone
    The Estate of Albert and Martha Walker
    Ellen W.P. Wasserman


    Michael J. Batza, Jr. and Patricia K. Batza
    Charles T. Bauer Foundation
    Ellen and Ed Bernard
    Mary Catherine Bunting
    The Estate of Sergiu and Robinne Comissiona
    Nelson* and Sara Fishman
    Ms. Lois S. Hug
    The Estate of John Larsen
    Catherine and George McClelland
    National Endowment for the Arts
    The OrchKids Fund at BCF
    Arnold and Alison Richman
    Bruce Rosenblum and Lori Laitman
    Doris W. Sanders
    Alena and David M. Schwaber
    The Lord Baltimore Capital Corporation /
    Louis B. Thalheimer and Juliet Eurich


    Anonymous (2)
    Paul and Donna Amico
    Clayton Baker Trust
    The Kenneth S. Battye Charitable Trust
    Nancy H. Berger
    Mr. David H. Bernstein
    Richard and Carol Bernstein
    The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation
    The Estate of Phyllis Brill
    The Estate of Margaret Cooke
    Ingrid and Robert Coutts
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cowie, Jr.
    Richard and Rosalee Davison/
         Ben and Zelda Cohen Charitable Foundation
         Richard and Rosalee C. Davison Foundation, Inc.
    Kenneth W. and Donna C. DeFontes, Jr.
    Freda Dunn
    Alan and Carol Edelman
    Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas Fallon
    Haswell M. and Madeline S. Franklin
    John Gidwitz
    The Goldsmith Family Foundation/
         Beth Goldsmith
    The Estate of Hilda Perl Goodwin
    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Hamilton, Jr.
    William Randolph Hearst Foundation
    Hoffberger Family Philanthropies
    Dr. James and Lynne LaCalle
    Jeffrey and Harriet Legum
    The Estate of Bernice Levinson
    Middendorf Foundation
    Linda Hambleton Panitz
    Scott Phares and Judy Witt Phares
    Michael* and Priya Pinto
    Mr. George A. Roche
    The Estate of Lawrence Roberts

    $100,000–$249,999 (continued)

    The Salmon Foundation
    The Estate of Henry Sanborn
    Lois Schenck and Tod Myers
    Steven R. Schuh and The Schuh Family
    Stephen and Gail Shawe
    Sherman Family Foundation/
         George and Betsy Sherman
    Speedwell Foundation
    Karen and Richard Soisson
    Joanne Gold and Andrew Stern
    The Estate of Ingeborg Weinberger
    Susan Wolman


         In memory of James Gavin Manson
    The Abell Foundation
    The Herbert Bearman Foundation
    Mrs. Sonia D. Blumenthal*
    Sander and Norma K. Buchman Fund
    The Annie E. Casey Foundation
    Deering Family Foundation
    The Estate of Hazel Ann Fox
    H&S Bakery, Inc./
         Mr. Bill Paterakis
    Mrs. Betty Himeles and The Martin S. Himeles, Sr. Foundation
    Dr. and Mrs. Murray and Joan Kappelman and the Kappelman Family
        Lee Kappelman
        Karen Mendelsohn
        Ross Kappelman
        Lynn Kappelman
    The Letaw Family Foundation, Inc.
    The Reginald F. Lewis Foundation
    Dr. Thomas Pozefsky
    The Rales Foundation
    Barry and Susan Rosen
    Jacob S. Shapiro Foundation/
         at the suggestion of
         Jane Baum Rodbell
         Stanley Rodbell
    Ronald and Kathryn Shapiro
    Lockhart Vaughan Foundation
    Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Zenilman

    $10,000 - $49,999

    ALH Foundation, Inc.
    Ms. Marin Alsop
    William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund
    Baltimore City Foundation/
          Dr.* and Mrs. Linwood Ivey
    Baltimore Ravens
    Baltimore Women's Giving Circle
    Bank of America
    Tiger Baron Foundation
    Dr. Lillian Bauder
    Sheldon and Arlene Bearman
    Mr. and Mrs. A.G.W. Biddle, III
    The Morton K. and Jane Blaustein Foundation
    The Estate of Jean Louise Bloom
    Bloomberg Philanthropies 
         In Honor of Terry M. Rubenstein 
    Mr. Frank A. Bonsal, Jr.
    Stanley and Dorah Brager
    Shirley Brandman and Howard Shapiro
    The Peter David Brendsel Fund for Children Literacy
    Ellen Burger
    The Clinton Family Fund
    Ellen and Linwood Dame/
         The Rothschild Foundation
    Mr. James DeGraffenreidt and Dr. Mychelle Farmer
    Betty Lee and Dudley P. Digges Memorial Fund
    Walter Doggett III
    Ms. Alice Dorshow
    The Estate of William B. Eddison
    Family League of Baltimore City, Inc.
    Mary Martin Gant
    The Samuel G. and Margaret A. Gorn Foundation
    Stephanie R. Hack
    Dr. Michael Hansen and Ms. Nancy Randa
    Sandra and Thomas Hess
    Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
    Walter and Stephen Howard
    Dr. and Mrs. Freeman Hrabowski, III
    Betty Huse MD Charitable Foundation
    Kaplan Seidel Fund
    Mr. James T. Kelley, III
    Peter T. Kjome
    Stephen M. and Maria T. Lans
    League of American Orchestras/
         Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
    Frank E. and Miriam Loveman Foundation
    Maller Wealth Advisors
    Maryland State Arts Council
    The Estate of Carol McCord
    The Joseph Mullan Company
    Nancy S. Offit Foundation/
          Morris and Nancy Offit
    President's Committee on The Arts and Humanities
    The RCM&D Foundation
    Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, Inc.
    Robert and Susan Rosenbaum
    Ms. Amalie Rothschild
    The Jim and Patty Rouse Charitable Foundation
    Suzan Rouse
    Estate of Eugene Schreiber
    Southwest Airlines
    Ms. Patricia Stephens
    Harriet Stulman
    Travelers Foundation
    David and Chris Wallace
    Wells Fargo Foundation 
    Thomas Wilson Foundation
    Wright Family Foundation
    Robert and Miriam Zadek

    UNDER $10,000

    Anonymous (3)
    Herbert and Betty Aaron
    Dr. Eileen Abel
    Emile Bendit and Diane Abeloff
    Mr. Harland Abraham
    Eric and Robin Ace
    William and Dorothy Achor
    David and Satoko Ackerman
    William L. and Victorine Q. Adams Foundation/
           Mrs. Marjorie Rodgers Cheshire
    Ms. Kathryn Adams
    AHS Charm City Chapter
    Mr. Zachary Alberts
    George and Frances Alderson
    Mr. and Mrs. Tedd Alexander, III
    Karl and Kathy Alexander
    David and Bonnie Allan
    David Allen
    Mrs. Elise Allen
    Ms. Shirley Allen
    Stephen and Kristen Allen
    Thomas and Carol Allen
    Willow and Hollys Allen
    Christoph and Joanna Amberger
    American Trading & Production Corporation
    Ms. Barbara Ames
    Mr. Will P. Amland
    Diana Andrews
    Angeles de Leon
    Ms. Susan Angell
    The Estate of Ms. Barbara Appell
    Steven and Kristen Appel
    Arnold and Suzanne Applefeld
    Mrs. Ruth Aranow
    Mr. Paul Araujo
    Louise Armstrong
    Tina and Todd Armstrong
    Belinda Arrington
    Ms. Mary Ann Ashcraft
    Jill Asman
    Mr. William Backstrom and Ms. Tracy Lambros
    Calvin H. Baker and Lidia Paz-Baker
    Mrs. Carol Lynn Baker
    Mr. Gary Baldwin
    David and Susan Ball
    F.G. Ball
    Ms. Barbara L. Ballard
    Ms. Betty Ballard
    Baltimore County Commission on the Arts & Sciences
    Baltimore Estate Planning Council
    Baltimore Office Of Promotion And The Arts
    Penny Bank
    Dr. Mitchell Bard
    Lee Barker
    Ms. Danielle Barner
    John and Ruella Barnes
    Mr. John I. Barnes, II
    Ms. Mabel Barron
    James and Sheila Barry
    Anjula Batra
    Ms. Kimberly M Battista
    Mr. Brian Bayerle
    John Beach
    Ms. Jane Beard
    Ms. Stephanie Bechtel
    John and Mary Ann Beckley
    Mrs. Sarah Beckwith
    Claire Beissinger
    Ms. Heidi Bell
    Harry and Janice Benham
    Ms. Eileen Bennett
    David Bercuson
    Ms. Lane K. Berk
    Barry D. and Linda F. Berman
    Ms. Cynthia Berman 
    Gerardine Berman
    Howard and Deborah Berman
    Bunny Bernstein
    Mr. Toby Bernstein
    Ms. Danielle Beyers
    Robert Biagiotti
    Marjorie Bigham
    Elizabeth Binford
    Judy and Dave Binkley
    William and Martha Bishai
    John and Carol Bishop
    Scott and Katherine Bissett
    Bithgroup Technologies, Inc.
    Mr. Black
    Mrs. Irene E. Black
    Ms. Katherine Blakeslee
    Mr. Louis Blank
    Mary and Morton Blaustein
    Nancy Blaustein and J. Patrick Harrington
    Mrs. Marilyn Bliden
    Miriam Blitzer
    Rachel Bloch
    Joyce and Robert Bloor
    Mia Bock
    Ms. Brenda J. Bodian
    Ms. Carol Bogash
    Elizabeth Boison
    John and Carolyn Boitnott
    Mrs. Barbara Bond
    John and Elizabeth Bond
    Boomerang Fund For Artists
    Dr. Jean Boone and Mr. Randy Boone
    Charles Booth
    Adam and Meredith Borden
    Neal and Winnie Borden
    Dr. Andrea Bowden
    Ledley Boyce
    Mr. Gerald Boyd, Sr
    Ms. Winsome Boyd
    Woody and Sandra Boyd
    Thomas Bozzuto and Robin Madigan
    Miles Bradbury
    Mr. Charles Bragg
    David and Helen Braitman
    Boudewien and Paul Brand
    Mr. Thomas Brantigan
    Ms. Rosemarie Brazeau
    Carolyn and David Braverman
    Ms. Shirley Braverman
    Ms. Amy Brennan
    Rebecca and Josh Brenner
    Mr. Robert Breyer
    Paul and Jane Brickman
    Jeremy Bridges
    Dr. Nancy Bridges
    Susan Bridges and Bill Van Dyke
    Ms. Jeanne Brinkley
    Gerald and Janet Briscoe
    Mr. Stefan Brodd
    Ms. Janet Briscoe
    Thomas and Michele Broemmelsiek
    Ms. Martha Bromberger-Barnea
    Ms. Jenny Bromley
    Steven Brooks and Ann Loar Brooks
    Ms. Sarah Brooner
    Brown Capital Management
    Brown Memorial Woodbrook Presbyterian Church
    Karen and Robert Brown
    Kristen Handy-Brown
    Mrs. Linda W. Brown
    Ms. Lynette Brown
    Ms. Amy Bruce
    Ms. Joan Brunskill
    Ms. Jeanne Brush
    Ms. Sandra Brushart
    Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Player's Committee
    Mr. Stephen C. Buckingham
    Dr. David G Bundy
    Mr. Peter Van Buren
    Ms. Susan L. Burgert
    Ms. Lori Burghauser
    Kathleen and Brian Burr
    Mark and Dana Burrough
    Jeffrey and Ann Burt
    Dr. Nancy Burton-Prateley
    Mrs. Amy Burwen
    Ms. Kristin L. Bussell
    Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Butler
    Aaron Bycoffe
    Ms. Sharon Byrd
    Charles and Judy Cahn
    Cal Ripkin Sr. Foundation, Inc.
    James Calderwood and Joyce Johnson
    Ms. June Caldwell
    Dr. Nathan H. Carliner
    Ms. Janice Campbell
    Candlelight Concert Society, Inc.
    The Canticle Singers Of Baltimore
    Daryl Caplan and Bob Bryant
    Jamie Caplis
    Benjamin and Myrna Cardin
    Theodore and Gregory Carski
    Ms. Margaret Carlton
    Carrolltowne Elementary
    John H. Carter
    Tyonne Carter
    Ms. Meghan K. Casey
    Ms. Mary V. Cashdollar
    Mr. Allen Cassity
    William and Kristina Catto
    Robert and Penny Catzen
    Jennifer Cawthra
    Matthew Cellini
    Ms. Jeanne Celtnieks
    Juno Chang and Kyungeun Park
    Ronald McDonald House Charities
    Ms. Susan Gerrity Chase
    Ms. Karen Chasen
    Mr. James Chen
    Ms. Lenis Chen
    Hosea T. Chew
    Ms. Rebecca Howell Chew
    Mr. Wayne G. Ching
    Mrs. Kristine Cho
    Mrs. Constance Chriss
    Jean Christianson
    Mrs. Karen Cicmanec
    Mr. George Ciscle
    The Classic Catering People
    Classical Conversations of Ellicott City
    Sally Clayton and Leslie Graef
    CLD Partners
    Clean Currents
    Aris and Jennifer Cleanthous
    Emery and Edith Cleaves
    Ms. Tara Clifford
    Mrs. Mary Close
    Mary Jo and Brad Closs
    Samuel Parker Clothier
    Ms. Sybil R Coblenzer
    Mrs. Anne Codd
    Alan and Deborah Cohen
    Allen and Ellen Cohen
    Howard and Barbara Cohen
    Howard and Nancy Cohen
    Ms. Nancy L. Cohen
    Samuel Cohen and Joan Piven-Cohen
    Dr. Steven Cohen
    Ms. Suzanne Cohen
    Ms. Jill Cohen
    Ms. Corinne Coleman
    Paula Coleman
    Mr. and Mrs. Reco Collins
    Philip and Mary Combs
    The Joseph Mullan Company
    Conductors Guild
    Constantine Commercial Construction
    Paul Converse and Wienshet Teklu
    Ms. Mary Cook
    Reverend Ralph Cook
    Charles and Joan Cooper
    Ms. Julia Cooper
    Mr. Michael Cooper
    Mr. Phillip Cooper
    Mark Coplin
    Corporate Office Properties Trust
    John Corona
    Corrigan Sports Enterprises
    Ms. Marjorie Corwin
    Frank and Jane Costanzi
    Mr. David Costello
    Alex and Chrissy Cotsalas
    Mr. Nicholas Coutros
    Ms. Erma S. Craig
    Ms. Barbara Crawley
    Cristina Creager
    Margaret O. Cromwell Family Fund
    Mr. Michael Cryor
    The Honorable Elijah Cummings
    Mr. Max Curran
    Mr. Jackson Curreri
    Meosotis Curtis
    Ms. Raymarlyn Curtis
    Ms. Ellen B Cutler
    Carol and John Cyphers
    Ms. Maris St. Cyr
    D'Addario Foundaion
    Sophie Dagenais
    James and Anne Dale
    Ms. Laurel Damashek
    Linwood Dame
    Dr. Dallas Dance
    Irwin Danels
    Marcia Daniel
    Patricia Daniel
    Jane and Worth* Daniels
    Ron Daniels and Joanne Rosen
    Mrs. Sarah David
    Tema S. David
    Mr. Thomas E. Davies
    Hal Davis and Susan Levine
    Miss Cynthia Dawson
    Douglass and Susan Day
    Ms. Kathryn L. Day
    Ms. Jovonne C. Day-Miles
    Mr. Eugene M. de Lara
    Lisa DeCamp
    Dorothy and Stephen Degaray
    Mrs. Marion DeGroff
    Ms. Camille Delaney-McNeil and Aaron McNeil
    Judy Delbera
    Lisa Delima
    Mrs. Barbara DeLouise
    Wendy M. Demandante
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Denlinger
    Mr. Miguel Dennis
    Mrs. Barbara K. Dent
    Marie des Jardins and John Park
    Mrs. Tanya Deshields-Yates
    Kevin and Loretta D'Eustachio
    Mrs. Mariam D'Eustachio
    Ms. Geraldine Diamond
    Susan Dibs and M. Douglas Baker
    Lenox Dingle
    Sheila Ann Dixon
    William Dixon
    Miss Sylvia Betts Dodd
    Ms. April Dodge
    Carol Dodson
    Leslie Donnelly
    Ms. Barbara A. Donohoe
    Kevin Donovan and Sandra Asirvatham
    Ms. Harriet Dopkin
    Ms. Anna Dopkin
    Mr. James Doran
    Ms. Victoria Dorf
    Ms. Marcia Dresner
    Larry and Jane Droppa
    Gloria and Lindsay Dryden
    Mr. L. Dyson Dryden
    Shaojia Du and Xiaoyin Wang
    Norman and Valerie Dubin
    DuBois Circle
    Craig and Nan Duerling
    Elvis Dumervil
    David and Yehudis Eagle
    Brian Eakes
    Nancy and Alan Eason
    John and Donna Easton
    Miss Chinwe Edeani
    Donna Eden
    Ms. Joyce Edington
    Edwards & Hill Communications, LLC
    Gretchen Edwards
    Willem Van Eeghen
    Dr. Georgia Franyo-Ehlers
    Ms. Paula Ferris Einaudi
    Mary and James Elliott
    Todd Elliott
    Stuart and Margery Elsberg
    Mrs. Gabriella Emmett
    Mr. & Mrs. John H. Engel
    Mr. Michael Enright
    Epworth United Methodist Chapel
    Mr. Raphael D. Erfe
    Ms. Carol Erhardt
    Yener and Brenda Erozan
    Ms. Karen McNamara Esposito
    Patrick and Janice Eteme
    Mr. Alan W. Evans
    Charles and Beth Evans
    Exchange Club of Highlandtown Inc.
    Exelon Corporation
    John Eyring
    Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Farinacci
    Seth Goldman and Julie Farkas
    Mrs. Kathleen D. Farno
    Ms. Carmen L. Farrior
    Kurt Fedde
    Arthur and Eena Feld
    Mark and Beth Felder
    Mrs. Katherine Feldmann
    Sandra Feldman
    Melissa and Ilya Feliciano
    Mr. H. Stephen Fender
    Jianhua Feng and Zhibing Chen
    Mrs. Allison Ferguson
    Marlene and Walter Ferguson
    Ms. Gladys Fernandez
    Kathleen and Jorge Fernandez
    Mark Fetting and Georgia Smith
    Mr. Stephen Filer
    Bonnie Finch
    Matthew Firor
    Alvin and Hilda Fisher
    Frances Fisher
    Morton and Ann Fisher
    Sara Fishman
    Victor Fitterman
    Frederick Flaccavento
    Ms. Joanne Flax
    Jerome and Rosemarie Fleg
    Kelly Fleming
    Ms. Lois Flowers
    Veronica Foley
    Michael Ford
    Eric and Amy Forseter
    Fortineaux Associates
    Laurlene Straughn Pratt Foundation
    Parks & People Foundation
    T. Rowe Price Foundation
    Mr. Robert Fowler
    Stephen and Jayne Frank
    Mr. Stan Frazier
    John and Elaine Freeman
    Arlene and Kenneth Friedman
    Ellen Friedman
    Ms. Judith Friedman
    Dr. Dion Frischer
    Ms. Wendy Frosh
    Mr. Donald Fry
    Dr. Jillian Fry
    Mr. David Fu
    Mrs. Ann Fugett
    Dr. Erin Fults
    Ms. Jane Fun
    Ms. Lisa Gaffney
    Marina and John Gaffney
    Kathleen and John Gagnon
    Ms. L. Denise Galambos
    Mr. Matthew Gallagher
    Ms. Nancy Gallagher
    Ms. Christina Gallo
    Ms. Ethel W. Galvin
    Gamma Boule Foundation
    Ms. Barbara Gamse
    Nona Gandelman
    Jeffrey Gangwisch and Robbye Apperson
    Lyle Garitty
    Pinkney and Yvonne Garner
    Mr. Robert Garnet
    Leete and Jamie Garten
    John and Christine Gazurian
    Ms. Rebecca Geckle 
    Ms. Gail Geller
    Judith Geller and Michael Raitzyk
    Ms. Gretchen Genello
    Ms. Tracey Gersh
    John Gerwig
    Phyllis Joy Gestrin
    Ms. Vera Gibbs
    Wilson and Jeanne Gildee
    Raquel Whiting Gilmer
    Susan Gilson
    Mr. & Mrs. James L. Ginsburg
    Ms. Arlene Gioia
    Mr. John M. Gipson
    Mrs. Suzanne L. Given
    Rivka Glaser
    Corliss and Thomas Glennon
    Michael and Jane Glick
    Ms. Jeanette Glose
    Ms. Kayla Gluck
    Mr. Christopher Gocke
    Mr. Adam Goers
    Mr. Justin Golart
    Mrs. Louise Goldberg
    Lewis and Louise Goldfine
    Barry and Florence Goldgeier
    David and Eleanor Goldstein
    Thomas and Andrea Goldstein
    Ms. Jenny Good
    Katherine Goodrich
    Marion and James Goodrich
    Carol and Russell Gordon
    Ms. Lynne T. Gorman
    The Estate of Dailinia Gorn
    Julie and Stephen Gottlieb
    Ms. April Gottsagen
    Dr. Meredith Gould
    Mr. James Gouldmann
    Mr. & Mrs. Leslie H. Graef
    Grafton Consulting LLC
    Mr. Andrew Graham
    Ms. Jean Elizabeth Graham
    Mr. Peter Graening
    Ms. Betsy Granek
    Mrs. Toni Greenberg
    Mrs. Emily Greene
    Dr. Sue Greene
    Mrs. Marlene Greenebaum
    Robert Greenfield
    Ms. Peggy Greenman
    Mrs. Lauren Greenwald
    Alison Greer
    Mr. Demetreus Gregg
    Molly Gregory
    Nancy Gregory
    Mr. J. David Greydanus
    Mr. Marc Gross
    Ulrike Gross
    Richard and Linda Grossi
    Mr. Milton Grossman
    PNC Financial Services Group
    Mrs. Donna Lucia Guarino
    Leonard and Susan Guberman
    Ms. Claude Helene Guillemard
    Ronald and Cynthia Gunderson
    Joann Gusdanovic and Lisa Evans
    Ms. Julia Guth
    Ms. Adelaide A. Habel
    Miles and Ronnie Haber
    Eric Hadaway
    Kenneth and Arlene Haddock
    Ms. Marian Hahn
    Kathryn Haller and Jeffrey Johnson
    Carl and Karen Haller Donor Advised Fund,
        a Donor Advised fund of Renaissance
        Charitable Foundation
    Fritzi Hallock
    Fern and J. Edward Hamel
    Carole Hamlin and C. Fraser Smith
    Brian and Carolyn Hammock
    Robert and Beverly Handwerger
    Ms. Lincolnette Handy
    Kristen Handy-Brown
    James Hanes
    Taylor Hanex
    Michael and Ann Hankin
    Richard Hannigan
    James and Linda Happel
    Mrs. Beth Happick
    Har Sinai Congregation
    Bernadene Harper
    Ronald and Carol Harrell
    Dr. Jacqueline Harris
    Ms. Kati Harrison
    Ms. Pat Hartley
    Wilbert and Lillie Hawkins
    Dr. Carla Hayden
    Joanne Hayes and Deidre Carroll
    Maurice and Lisa Haywood
    Donald and Sybil Hebb
    Mrs. Anita Heffernan
    Mrs. Shanna Heilveil
    Estate of Hya Heine
    John Heinlein
    David and Linda Hellmann
    Ms. Rhonda Henderson
    William Henderson
    Mrs. Hortense H. Henry
    Mr. Barry Herman
    Ms. Miriam Herman
    Ms. Annalise Heron
    Mr. Martin K.P. Hill
    Robert and Sandra Hillman
    Martin and Paula Himeles
    Richard and Margaret Himmelfarb
    Joseph and Bette Hirsch
    Gina and Daniel Hirschhorn
    Peter and Lisa Hoffberger
    Barbara Hogan
    Terry Hogan
    Ralph and Sharon Holzman
    Homeless Angels
    Mr. Phillip E. Hooks
    Horseshoe Casino Baltimore
    Kathleen Vander Horst
    Ms. Jane Houck
    House of Musical Traditions
    Ms. Susan Hovanec
    Ms. Susan Hoye
    David and Lily Huang
    Ms. Jane L. Hughes
    Mr. Sean Hull
    Roger and Linda Hultgren
    Sarah Humphreys and Lawrence Mason
    Ms. Dorothy M Hunt
    Paul and Jennifer Huston
    Mr. Chris Hutchinson
    David and Susan Hutton
    Ms. Elisabeth Hyleck
    Ms. Karen R. Icke
    Takeru Igusa and Catherine Renggli
    Reverend Robert and Mrs. Nancy Ihloff 
    Victor and Jan Ilenda
    Joo Hyun Im
    Ms. Lily Im
    Alan and Karen Ingalls
    Gary and Iris Ingber
    Mrs. Tina Iosue
    Sister Mary Irving
    Ms. Mary Ives
    Mrs. Padma Iyer
    Ronna Jablow
    Ms. Kathleen Jackson
    Mr. Peter Jackson
    Erica and Lou Jacobs
    Hillary Jacobs
    Richard Jacobs
    Sanford and Ann Jacobson
    David and Ulrike Jaller
    Wendy and Chris Jeffries
    Allynnore Jen
    Mrs. Eleanor Jenks
    Brenda Jews
    Dana and David Johns
    Johns Hopkins Hospital
    Johns Hopkins University
    Mr. Adrian Johnson
    Amy Johnson
    Ms. Danielle Johnson
    Mrs. Janet Johnson
    Ms. Kathleen Johnson
    Mrs. Mabel Johnson
    Ms. Mary L. Johnson
    Sandi Johnson
    Ms. Janet C. Johnston
    Ms. Ernestine Jones Jolivet
    Ms. Diana Jolley
    Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Jolley
    Mary and Dale Jolliffe
    Mr. James Edward Jones
    Arthur Jones, III
    Christopher Jones
    Ms. Debbie Jones
    Ms. Melanie Jones
    Kristin Jurkscheit
    Angie Jusino
    Ms. Joanne Juskus
    Anson and Jonathan Justi
    Heather Kadel
    Ms. Ann H. Kahan
    Ms. Helene Kahn
    Mr. Henry Kahn
    The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
    Kaiser Permanente
    Hinrich and Christine Kaiser
    Paul Kalb and Susan Ascher
    Harvey Kallens and Bonnie Schulman
    Ms. Audrey Kallman
    Mr. Stratton Kalpaxis
    Mr. Mumtaz B. Kammerer
    Mr. Aaron Jordan Kaplan
    Kappa Kappa Psi
    Mr. Peter Karpoff
    Ms. Nancy Eliza Kass
    Dr. & Mrs. Eric Katkow 
    Howard and Marion Katz
    Louis and Minna Katz
    Barbara P. Katz
    Jennifer Katze and Anthony Kraus
    Mr. Loren Bruce Kayfetz
    Mr. Steve Kearney
    Monica Kearns
    Ms. Joyce Keating
    Mrs. Julia Keelty
    Ms. Delores Kerr
    Ms. Tatevik Khoja-Eynatyan
    Ms. Helen A. Kiefert
    Ms. Genevieve Ann Kiel
    Laurie Kim
    Ms. Anita King
    Byron King
    Mr. and Mrs. David E. King
    Byron King
    Andrea Kirsch
    Mr. Stephen Kiser

    UNDER $10,000 (continued)

    Joan G. And Joseph Klein Jr. Foundation
    Michael and Clara Klein
    Ms. Joan Klein
    Marcel and Barbara Klik
    Edward and Louise Klohr
    Ms. Kristin Kluge
    Ms. Regan Knapp
    Robert and Joyce Knodell
    Marion I. & Henry J. Knott Foundation
    Mr. Martin Knott
    William Koerner
    Mr. Rick Kohr
    Ms. Hillary Kolodner
    Nicholas and Stephanie Konstant
    Danielle Koontz
    Sallyann Koontz
    Dr. Elizabeth Koopman
    Mrs. Theresa M. Kopasek
    Rita and I.J. Kopin
    Baker and Rebecca Koppelman
    Lawrence Koppelman and Elizabeth Ritter
    Dr. Bernard F. Kozlovsky
    Mr. James B. Kraft
    Ms. Cynthia Kratz
    Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Kremen
    Julian Krolik and Elaine Weiss
    Evan and Toni Krometis
    Sara Krusenstjerna
    Kristen Krzyzewski and David Yalowitz
    Edmond and Linda Kulp
    Richard and Paola Kulp
    Yann and Beatrice Kulp
    Edoardo Kulp
    Joshua Kulp and Julie Zuckerman
    Mr. Sunil Kumar and Ms. Sumati Murli
    Julie Kurland and Marcia Diehl
    Ms. Bonnie D. Kutch
    Min Kwon and Hyeyon Roh
    Mr. Sergiy Krychenko
    Mr. Alexander Lacquement
    Joseph Lahr
    Mark and Sandy Laken
    Ms. Patricia A. Landis
    John Landon
    Shannon Landwehr
    Col. Stephen Langenberg
    Mr. Jason Lasher
    Ms. Donna Lashof
    Mr. Bruce Lauber
    Ann-Marie Lawlor
    Ms. Wendy Lawner
    Mr. Jim Lawrence
    Rangini Lawrence
    Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lazarus, IV
    Mary and Philip Leaf
    Mr. & Mrs. John LeBarton
    Lainy LeBow-Sachs
    Alexis P. Lecouras
    Thomas LeDoux
    Kathleen and Kenneth Lee
    Ms. Paula H. Lee
    Brian and Kathy Lee
    Dr. Jennifer Lee-Summers
    Ms. Linda Lee
    Ronald Lee
    David and Rebecca Leege
    Dr. Sandra R. Leichtman
    Ruth and Jay Lenrow
    Scott and Laurie Lerman
    Margot and Larry Lessans
    William and Joanne Levasseur
    Ms. Keisha A. Leverette
    Leonard and Cynthia Levering
    Mrs. Sara W. Levi
    Roger Levin and Janet Siegel
    Ms. Emily R. Levitas
    Andrea LeWinter and Stephen Seliger
    Orville and Marion Lewis
    Claudia Lewis
    Ms. Emily Li
    Li Li
    Ava Lias-Booker and Earl Booker
    Frances and Edward Lieberman
    Ms. Janine Linden
    Ms. Jennifer Lindner
    Ms. Lynne Lipsitz
    Mrs. Susan Liss
    Mr. William C. Litsinger, Jr
    Joan and David Little
    Mrs. Harry R. Locke
    Ms. Joan C. Lockman
    Mr. Alan Long
    Mr. & Mrs. Ron Lorentzen
    Frank E. & Miriam Loveman Foundation
    Harold and Judith Lowe
    Mrs. Maxine D. Lowy
    Peggy and Chao Lu
    Mr. Matthew Lustbader
    Ms. Anna C Luther
    Ms. Jane Lynn
    Mr. Christopher J. Lyon
    Stefan MacGillis
    Ms. Carolyn Machamer
    Robb and Barb MacKie
    Ms. Ellen Macks
    Ann and Thomas MacLellan
    Mary MacVey
    Mr. Randy Macy
    Macy's, Inc.
    Sen. Martin Madden
    Andrea and Michael Madsen
    Mr. Rahul Mahna
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard Majev
    Ms. Sarah W. Majoros
    Ms. Sarah Mallonga
    Ms. Maureen Malone
    Donald and Brigitte Manekin
    Ms. Marsha Manekin
    Amy Mann
    Ms. Sara Manning
    Denise Maple
    Mr. Thierry Marbach
    Shirley Marcus-Allen
    Ms. Elizabeth B. Mariani
    Marcia Markowitz
    Mrs. Gloria Marrow
    Jake and Jennifer Martin
    William and Carol Martin
    Virginia Martin
    Patrick Martinez
    Jason and Andrea Marx
    Mr. Joel Marx
    Julie Masiello
    Mr. Andy Maslar
    Ms. Gloria Jean Mason
    Lydia Mason and Mark Ingram
    Jason Mathias
    Ms. Barbara Matthews
    Lance Matthiesen
    Jeffrey R. Mays and Karen Peters
    Daniel and Agnes Mazur
    Michael McCaffery and Beverly Wendland
    Mr. Ronald McCallum
    Ms. Mary Stuart McCamy
    David and Susan McCardell
    Ms. Valencia McClure
    Mr. Leo C. McDonagh
    Ms. Jamie McDonald
    Ms. Susan McDonald
    Nathaniel J. McFadden
    Sen. Nathaniel J. McFadden
    James and Eve McGovern
    Ms. Kathleen McGuire
    Mr. Jim McIntyre
    Vatrice McKoy
    Ms. Florence A. McLean
    Ms. Bettye J. Meadows
    Jeffrey and Anita Meddin
    Mr. Marcia Medina
    Janet and Marc Mellits
    Mr. Gary S. Melnick
    Menchey Music Service, Inc.
    Lauren Mendelsohn
    Ms. Michelle N Mendez
    Ms. Carol Merrell
    Abel Merrill
    Dr. Maria W. Merritt
    Mr. Randolph Metcalfe
    Ms. Jill Meyer
    Harvey and Phyllis Meyerhoff
    Neil and Sayra Meyerhoff
    Joseph Meyerhoff and Dawna Cobb
    Mr. Lou Mezzanotte
    Daniel and Kay Michaelis
    Ms. Susan Middaugh
    Gary and Jill Miller
    Herbert and Carrie Miller
    Stephen and Susan Miller
    Mrs. Barbara Miller
    Ms. Deborah Miller
    Mr. Stanley Miller
    Hilary Miller and Katherine Bent
    Janis Millete
    Carol and Noah Minkin
    Elizabeth and William Minkin
    Cynthia Minkovitz
    Mr. Brian Stokes Mitchell
    John and Jolie Mitchell III
    Ms. Patricia J. Mitchell
    Ms. Peg Mitchell
    Ms. Francine Mittelman
    Herbert and Miriam Mittenthal
    Dr. Margaret Mohler-Strahan
    Mrs. Deborah Molesworth
    Charles and Linda Monk
    Mr. Christian Moore
    Ms. Lisa W. Moore
    Daniel Moore and Elizabeth Pierce
    Lisa Moore
    Stephanie Moore
    Wes and Dawn Moore
    Claudia Morales
    Robert and Lila Mordhorst
    Mrs. Jennifer Morehouse
    Mr. Ramal Moreland
    Carolyn and Charles Morgan
    Suzanne and Thomas Morgan
    Mr. Jared Morgan
    Ms. Maureen Morgan
    Ms. Paulette Morgan
    Terry Morgenthaler and Patrick Kerins
    Shelley and Dan Morhaim
    Joseph Morra
    Ms. Elizabeth K. Moser
    Ms. Trina Mostyn
    Mr. Joseph Francis Mrozek
    Mr. Kirk Mullen
    Mrs. Joy Munster
    Mr. William Murphy
    Mrs. Carrie Murrie
    Claire Myer and Robert Schuck
    Mr. Andrew Myer
    Roy and Gillian Myers
    Margot B. Nadien
    Dr. Sheila Namir
    Mr. Marc Narkus-Kramer
    Thomas and Judith Nassau
    Ms. Amy Nathan
    National Arts and Humanities Youth Program
    Ms. Virginia W. Naylor
    Anne and Gerald Nelson
    Mr. David Nelson
    Patricia and Jack Nesbitt
    Network for Good
    Mrs. Cynthia Neverdon-Morton
    Ms. Mariette Hiu Newcomb
    Jennifer and Thomas Newlin
    Miss Alexandra Ng
    David Nickels and Gerri Hall
    Mr. Ron Nicodemus
    Ms. Arline Nitzberg
    Ms. Anna Noon
    Norfolk Southern Foundation
    Antonella Nota and Mark Clampin
    Mark and Alice Notis
    Ruth and Michael Notis
    Ms. Anne-Marie Ntagahoraho
    Susan K. Numrich
    Andrew and Sharon Nussbaum
    Mr. Charles Ober
    Ms. Heather O'Brien
    David and Laura O'Callaghan
    Mr. Colm O'Comartun
    Elizabeth O'Connell
    Mrs. Charleen O'Connor
    Diane O’Conor
    Ryan and Katherine O'Doherty
    Steven and Sherri O'Donnell
    Antoinette O’Donnell
    Elizabeth O'Gara
    Lee and Marilyn Ogburn
    Mr. Garrick Ohlsson
    Jerry O'Keefe
    Mr. Timothy Thomas O'Leary
    David Oleynik
    Mrs. Hannah Elaine Oliver
    Miss Chiara Olivi
    Ms. Elizabeth Olson
    Mr. Steven Oney
    Mr. Michael O'Pecko
    Kevin O'Reilly
    Ms. Bonnie Orrison
    Dr. Adaora Osakwe
    Nancy Osborn and Martin Beilin
    Mr. Richard Osial
    Richard and Lois Pace
    Alexis Pace and Szu Burgess
    Ms. Margaret Pagan
    Mr. Stephen Painter
    Ms. Ellen-Jane K. Pairo
    Mr. Jonathan Palevsky
    Millie Paniccia
    Cindy Paradies and Larry Moscow
    Mr. and Mrs. Gazzater Parham
    Bruce and Nancy Paris
    Mrs. Young Ah Park
    Jung Park
    Mrs. Marcia Park
    Ms. Nancy Parker
    Edward and Kathleen Patey
    Maureen Patton
    Ms. Pamela Paulk
    Ms. Ana Pavich
    Mrs. Marva Peace-Jackson
    The Pearl Foundation
    Ms. Amy Peck
    Ms. LaTasha Peele
    Catherine and Luis Penafiel
    William and Kathleen Pence
    Ms. Margaret Penhallegon
    Beth Pepper
    Kimberly and Aurelio Perez-Lugones
    Patsy Perlman
    Joan Perrault
    Ms. Stephanie Pettaway
    Ms. Jacquie Cheryl Perry
    Ms. Jacquie Perry
    Geraldine Perry
    Ms. Julie Perry
    Mr. Lawrence Peskin
    Mr. Thomas Peter
    Misha and Lis Petkevich
    Ms. Ruth Pettus
    Ms. Thien-Kim Pham
    Jonathan Philipson
    Ms. Lesley Pierce
    Mr. Wendell Pierce
    Ms. Jo-Ann Pilardi
    Thomas and Natalie Pilon
    Audrey and Thomas Pinkney
    Michael* and Lisa Pintzuk
    Arthur and Judith Pittenger
    PLDA Interiors
    Ms. Judith Plott
    Teresa Pollet
    Ms. Teresa Porath
    Elizabeth Porter
    Ms. Deborah Lou Potee
    The Isaac & Leah M. Potts Foundation, Inc.
    Anne and Roger Powell
    William and June Powers
    Ms. Jennifer Powers
    The Estate of Margery Pozefsky
    Ronda Pozoulakis
    Ms. Virginia Probasco
    Mrs. Stephanie Prange Proestel
    Herbert and Linda Proper
    Daniel Pugh
    Ms. Toni Purdy
    5 Purple Oranges
    Fangtu Qiu and Emily Li
    Mr. Jacob Radin
    Sandra Marie Ragusa
    Mr. Chris Rahl
    Ms. Chris Raitzyk
    Harry and Marian Randall
    Kathy Randolph
    Lauren Rausch
    Mr. William Ray
    Dr. Bonnie Reagan
    Erica Reaves
    Raymond L. Reed
    Randi Reichel
    Elizabeth and Charles Reichelt
    Joseph and Judith Reiff
    Mignon Reik
    Mr. Salem Reiner
    Michael Reisch and Lily Jarman-Reisch
    Ms. Dee Dee Remenick
    Ms. Karen E Renaud
    Mr. William Reuling
    Ms. Amy Rhodes
    Carl and Bonnie Richards
    Dr. William Richards
    Dina Richardson
    Mrs. Tona A. Riggio
    The Estate of Robert Riley
    Mrs. Lynda Aalpoel Riley
    Stephen Robb and Judy Honig
    Maria Robertson
    Cecil and Donna Robinson
    Dr. Leland W. Robinson

    Marlyn G. Robinson

    Tonya Robles
    Dr. Maya Rockeymoore
    Dr. Ann Rogers
    Mr. Jonathan Rogers
    Mrs. Ashleigh Rohm
    Roland Park Women's Club
    Sara Rollfinke
    Mr. Edgar Romero
    Mr. David Ropp
    Sondra Rose
    Bev Rosen and Russ Morris
    Mr. Benjamin Rosenberg
    Ms. Barbara Rosenberger
    Howard and Michelle Rosenbloom
    Mrs. Beth C. Rosenwald
    Ms. Carolyn Rosinsky
    Gary and Naomi Rosner
    Phyllis and David Ross
    Mary Ross and Donna Martin
    Paul Rothman and Frances Meyer
    Lissa Rotundo
    Roundwood Fund
    Ted and Lucinda Rouse
    Clark and Constance Row
    Ms. Maryann Rozzell
    Mr. Michael S. Rubenstein
    Mr. Peter Ruchkin
    Dr. Janice Marie Rusnak
    Mr. Ira Russcol
    Neil and JoAnn Ruther
    The Honorable and Mrs. Boyd Rutherford
    Christine Rutkowski
    Ms. Elizabeth Ryan
    Ann Sacks
    Ruth Sadler and Robert Byrnes
    Kelly Sage
    Ms. Keiko Saito
    Elise and David Saltzberg
    Jeffrey and Diana Samet
    Andrew and Laura Samuel
    Jon and Barbara Samuels
    Mrs. Jeanne Samuels
    Wendy Sanborn
    Ms. Kirsten E. Sandberg
    Ms. Maureen Sandberg
    Dina and John Sarbanes
    Mrs. Jennifer Sarlin
    Ms. Molla Sarros
    David and Ann Saunders
    Ms. Brenda Saunders
    Mr. William Saunders
    John and Gioia Sawchuk
    Katherine Sawyer
    Terrence Sawyer
    SC&H Group, LLC
    Ellen Schaefer
    Susan Scharf
    Mr. Wayne R. Schaumburg
    Ms. Irma Schechter
    Ms. Ann Scheck
    Amy Bober-Schenerman and Mark Schenerman
    Mr. Benjamin Scherer
    Joanne Schmader and Michael Casassa
    John and Deborah Schmidt
    Linda Schmidt
    The Honorable Kurt L. Schmoke and Dr. Patricia L. Schmoke, MD
    Greg and Pauline Schneider
    Ms. Jean Schoenleber
    Dr. Hendrik P. Scholl
    Dee and Robert Schuette
    Rick and Tracey Schultz
    Fred and Janet Schutzman
    Jim and Charlene Schwark
    Eleanor Schwark
    Mr. Neil Herbert Schwartz
    Frederick and Kathleen Schwarz
    Barbara Schweizer
    Mr. James Scott
    Lyndi Scott-Strite
    Mr. Wayne Scott
    Paula Seabright and Gabriel Hightower
    Second Presbyterian Church of Baltimore
    Mrs. Sarah Sedlak
    Clair Segal
    Dr. Priya Sekar
    Valerie Serrall
    Ms. Alexis Seth
    Maxine Seyboth
    Judith Shamir
    Sigmund and Barbara Shapiro
    Stephen and Anita Shaw
    Ms. Joanne Shea
    Mark and Lauren Sheehan
    Dr. Louise Sheiner
    Ms. Martha E. Shelhoss
    Ms. Barbara Shelhoss
    Stephen Shepard and Peggy Hetrick
    Ms. Patricia Shiflett
    Ms. Gloria Shin
    Ms. Mary Shine
    Lucia Shoemaker and John Schwab
    Mark Shaver
    Ruthann Shepard
    Samuel and Josephine Shore
    Mr. Craig Shore
    Burdette and Judith Short
    Alexander and Patricia Short
    Mr. Sheldon Shugarman
    Mrs. Virginia G. Shuger
    Richard and Francine Shure
    Leonard and Virginia Siems
    Jean Silber
    Rachel Silber
    Ms. Gillian Silver
    Morton and Harriet Silverstein
    Mrs. Alyssa Silverstein
    Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Simms
    Ms. Marjorie B. Simon
    Mrs. Elizabeth Simon-Higgs
    Mrs. Muriel Simon
    Wendy and Mike Singer
    Ellwood and Thelma Sinsky
    Barbara and Joseph Skillman
    Dr. and Mrs. James W. Slack
    Jacqueline and Phill Slavney
    Ms. Beth Slepian
    John S. Slifka
    Mr. John R. Sliger
    Ms. Anne Sloan
    Jaime Slocum
    The Honorable and Mrs. James T. Smith
    Elizabeth and Claire Smith
    Karen and Michael Smith
    Ms. Nancy E Smith
    Norman and Rona Smith
    Ms. Patricia M Smith
    Mr. Graylin Smith
    Mr. James Smith
    Dr. and Mrs. William Smulyan
    Lee and Gloryann Snyder
    Ms. Shirley Snyder
    Ms. Stephanie Snyder
    Ms. Joan Sobkov
    Richard and Lorna Solomon
    Alfred and Jill Sommer
    Joyce and Yeong Song
    Ms. Geetika Sood
    Courtney Spangler
    Dr. Frank Sparandero
    Ms. Betty Spear
    Scott and Heather Speert
    Ms. Suzanne Spencer
    Don Spero and Nancy Chasen
    Kimberly Spiro
    Mrs. Mary T. Sprow
    Ms. Teerada Sripaipan
    Eric and Karen Stahl
    Barbara and Frederick Stam
    Terry and Deborah Stambaugh
    Michael and Katherine Stanka
    Jerrica Stanley
    Wilma and Lee Starkey
    Mr. Charles Starkey
    Joan Stearman
    Ronald and Susie Stern
    Ms. Andrea Stern
    Stephen and Sue Sternheimer
    Deborah Stetson
    Alexandra Stevens
    Susan Stewart
    Shale Stiller and Ellen Heller
    Ms. Carrie Wilson Stockwell
    Ms. Shirley H. Stokes
    Corey Stone
    Ms. Jacquelyn Stone
    Geary L. Stonesifer
    Mr. Thomas Stosur
    David and Susan Straus
    Ms. Angela M. Strope
    Jeffrey and Erin Strovel
    Mrs. Bonnie Stump
    Ms. Barbara Styrt
    Dr. Robert Summe
    Dr. Edward Syron
    Dr. Michael Szedlmayer
    Ms. Margaret Taliaferro
    Ms. Sharron D. Tan
    James and Carolyn Tancock
    Ms. Milagritos Tapia
    Mr. Benjamin D. Tauber
    Ms. Holly Ann Taylor
    Ms. Angel Terol
    Mr. Andrew J. Tesoro
    Ms. Claudia Tesoro
    David and Carolyn Thayer
    Ms. Debra Therit
    Ms. Susan Beth Thomas
    Dr. Freeda Thompson
    Mr. Fred Thomsen
    Ms. Carrie Thornbery
    Amy and Eric Tich
    Ms. Karline Tierney
    Maria and Chuck Tildon
    Mrs. Anne Tilmes
    Sarah Titus
    Ms. Elizabeth J. Toole
    Mrs. Normina L. Torres
    Towson University
    Alice Tracy
    Carol Traub
    Jim and Karen Trennepohl
    True Q, LLC
    Ms. Carole Trump
    Ms. Kristen Tubman
    Robin and Harold Tucker
    Stanley and Cynthia Tucker
    Ms. Kelley Tucker
    Rebecca Tucker
    Kathy Tugendhat
    Ms. Kathryn Turner
    Kristin and Rex Turner
    Mr. Donald Tynes, Sr
    Evans and Rose Tyson
    James and Therese Ulmer
    Ms. Marlene Underwood
    United Health Group
    United Way Central MD
    United Way Of Greater Kansas City
    Dana Valery
    Ms. Kathryn Vaselkiv
    Mr. Eric Veiel
    Venable LLP
    Eric and Noreen Victor
    Marguerite and Umberto VillaSanta
    Jan and Robert Wagner
    Frank and Jane Walker
    Kent and Suzanne Walker
    Ms. Doris Walker
    Mr. Harley Walker
    Ms. Christine L. Wallace
    Ms. Catherine A. Walsh
    Ms. Jacqueline Walsh
    Eleanor and Michael Walton
    Ms. Frances Warner
    John and Susan Warshawsky
    Mr. and Mrs. David Warshawsky
    Mrs. Manuele D. Wasserman
    Leland and Marjory Watermeier
    Ms. Tracy Watkins
    Ms. Barbara J. Watson
    Michelle and Trevin Wear
    Elizabeth and John Weaver
    Meg and Paul Weber
    Lisa and Paul Webster
    Lazar Wechsler and Kaethe Wechsler-Jentzsch
    The Wednesday Club
    Francie Weeks and Scott Shane
    Wen Wei
    Cara Weiman
    Mr. Howard Weinberg
    D'Arcy and Bruce Weinberger
    Jeffrey Weiner
    Brian and Karen Weinstein
    Sheldon and Harriet Weinstock
    Ilene and Stephen Weiss
    Mr. Fred Weiss
    Mr. Joseph Weiss
    Marie Wells
    Ms. Qiana Wells
    Dr. Toni Wengerd
    Christopher and Anne West
    Westhoff Family Foundation
    Ms. Sheila Wexler
    Calbraith and Aimee Wheaton
    Marvina Whethers
    Ms. Louise M. White
    Ms. Rita B. Whiting
    Mr. Kenneth Whitley
    M. and Susan Whitman, Jr.
    Mrs. Mary Ellen Whitman
    Gerard Whitmore
    Scott and Mary Wieler
    Mr. Thomas Wilcox
    Mr. Eugene Wilkins
    Jeri S. Wilkins
    Mr. R. Adam Williams
    Margaret D. Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Ray Williams
    Ms. Judith D. Willner
    Ms. Caroline Wilner
    Judy and Fred Wilpon
    Ms. Felecia Wilson
    William and Mary Beth Wilson
    Susan Savits Winson
    Ricco Winters
    Mr. Daniel Wise
    Frank Witter and Mary Forbes Witter
    Allen Wolf
    Mrs. Melissa Wolf
    Woman's Club of Roland Park
    Mr. Ken Wong
    Mr. Ken Woodbury
    Ms. Sarah Woodson
    Mrs. Sandra Wool
    William Woolf
    Ms. Barbara Worsham
    John and Ann Wotell
    Ms. Frances Ann Wright
    Dr. Andrea Wurster
    Mattie Wynne
    Nicholas and Ellen Yancich
    Ellen Yankellow and Bill Chapman
    Rong Ye and Max Hu
    Charles and Carol Yoder
    Ms. Eileen Yoffe
    Kyle and Melissa Yoon
    Ellen Yorke
    Michael and Barbara Young
    Mr. Neil Young
    Pamela Young
    Paul and Deborah Young-Hyman
    Norman and Mary Youskauskas
    Ms. Ellen Kahan Zager
    Joanne Zarling
    Ms. Marya Zeigler
    Mr. Shawn Zeigler
    Lydia Zieglar
    Steve Ziger
    The Estate of Dr. Mildred Zindler
    Jeff Zoller
    Jeffrey Zwillenberg

    *- Deceased

    For more information on Resounding: The Campaign for the BSO’s Second Century or to make a gift, contact:
    Angel Terol, BSO Second Century Campaign Director at 410.783.8055 or aterol@BSOmusic.org 
    or visit BSOmusic.org/donate

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    BSO Creates Levi Family Chair Baltimore Jewish Times, June 27, 2018

    BSO Receives $1.2M for Education Baltimore Jewish Times, July 14, 2016

    Baltimore Symphony Orchestra receives $1.2 million donation to bring low income students to concerts The Baltimore Sun, June 28, 2016

    BSO Receives $1.2 Million Gift From Patricia and Mark K. Joseph June 27, 2016

    BSO receives $6 million gift from Krieger Fund, earmarked for education The Baltimore Sun, September 12, 2015

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    Resounding Campaign Announcement Overture Magazine, March 2018

    BSO's $65 million 'Second Century' fundraising campaign is 2/3 there The Baltimore Sun, January 22, 2018

    Baltimore Symphony Orchestra plans to raise $65 million Baltimore Business Journal, January 22, 2018


    For more information on Resounding: The Campaign for the BSO’s Second Century or to make a gift, contact:
    Angel Terol, BSO Second Century Campaign Director at 410.783.8055 or aterol@BSOmusic.org 
    or visit BSOmusic.org/donate


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