Dear BSO Family,

As we begin the BSO’s next chapter, it’s important for us to make decisions that will help the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra continue to celebrate classical music and cherished traditions while also embracing positive change and exciting new opportunities.

In our next period of organizational growth, we’re seeking to enhance the BSO concert experience and broaden the reach of our amazing orchestra. We have made an adjustment to our upcoming 2022-23 season by consolidating a select number of Meyerhoff concerts with two primary goals in mind:

· Maximizing attendance for all concerts for the benefit of the audience and orchestra

· Creating room in the schedule for new concerts and partnerships at the Meyerhoff and throughout the region.

Thanks to patrons like you, we are culturally and financially stronger today than we have been in many years. This enables us to make changes that will help us move closer toward our ambitious goals.

What’s changing?

During our subscription season, the BSO typically has one program a week and multiple performances of that same program. For our coming season, we will be performing one (and on rare occasions two) fewer concerts of the same originally scheduled program. In other words, we are consolidating select performances but importantly maintaining every unique concert program throughout the season.

· We have condensed our two Friday series at the Meyerhoff into one new six-concert Friday Classical series by retaining 3 concerts from each series.

· Saturday Off The Cuff series at the Meyerhoff will not be offered in 2022-23 but will be available on Fridays at Strathmore.

As an important point of comparison, the BSO will perform 81 concerts at the Meyerhoff and 32 concerts at Strathmore during the 2022-23 season.  The number of BSO concerts at Strathmore remains unchanged. These numbers also do not reflect our summer season, which recently expanded with the Music for Maryland Tour; and other community-based full orchestra programs such as Symphony in the City. 

Why is the BSO making this change?

The decision to reduce total concerts at the Meyerhoff from 91 concerts to 81 concerts will enhance the audience experience and create space in our calendar for a wide variety of performances. We are focused on welcoming new audiences and partners into our Baltimore home and bringing the full BSO to locations throughout the city, region, and state.

What is the BSO planning to accomplish with these changes?

With these goals in mind, we are actively meeting with community leaders and artistic partners about new Meyerhoff activity, as well as exploring potential regional series performance locations. As such, we have already launched the first part of a three-summer concert tour to all 23 Maryland counties, in addition to a presence in Baltimore City.

Additionally, these changes will support the heart and soul of our organization – our musicians and our staff. Our current calendar represents a heavy concert load, and adjustments are a necessary investment to protect their health and morale. As a result, we will be better aligned with our peer orchestras when comparing the number of concerts that are performed in a given week.

Furthermore, the concert consolidation initiative makes it easier to invest resources of all kinds in your experience, with pre- and post-concert enhancements – including bringing part of what has made Off The Cuff so special to more BSO concerts. You can also expect us to take even more advantage of the rare and unique fact that the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra owns the Meyerhoff. We intend to activate our venue spaces in various ways to be even more accessible to the community.

What does the change mean for the affected patrons?

Our existing customer base is very important to us, which is why we’ve made every effort to accommodate those affected during this change. We’ve been making individual phone calls to each impacted ticket holder to provide updates and solutions. Our valued subscribers are being given the option to attend an alternate performance of their choosing, among other options, and many will be able to retain preferred seats. If not, new seats will be comparable and as close to your original selection as possible.

For next steps, you can expect communication to come from our Patron Support Office with comparable suggestions, accommodations, and options. You can expect to hear from them over the next couple of weeks as we are actively working through individual solutions that best fit each impacted subscriber.

We are committed to working through this concert consolidation plan that we believe will not only create the best concert experience possible but also ensure that the BSO thrives for many years to come.

Your loyal support and understanding is appreciated, and we are excited to see you this coming season!


Mark C. Hanson
President & CEO