Mary C. Bisson


I grew up in a small town in Kentucky. Music was always a part of my life. My mother played recordings of musicals all the time and sang along to them—she had a lovely voice. My three siblings and I all play guitar and sing. Some of my fondest memories are of our family reunions, singing songs by James Taylor, Simon and Garfunkel and many more. Every year we looked forward to The American Wind Symphony coming down the Ohio River on a barge from Pittsburgh to perform. My family was always very excited to host some of the performers in our home. That was my first exposure to professional musicians. I guess they made a good impression on me.

Now I live with my wife, Karen, and our three cats and two dogs (all rescues) in the Tuscany-Canterbury neighborhood of Baltimore.  Karen and I recently married legally. We are so thankful to live in a state that recognizes same-sex marriages. Karen works for the Baltimore Speakers Series and gets to meet many fascinating people. Often, I get to meet them, too! Martha, our daughter, is an Acting major at UMBC and a graduate of the fabulous Baltimore School for the Arts.

Karen and I bought land in rural Vermont in 2005 and began to build—with our own hands!—our dream house.  It is an extremely satisfying endeavor.  When I stand back and admire the sun reflecting off of the windows of our lovely home nestled in the picturesque mountainside, I feel so proud. Our friends love to visit and enjoy the serenity, too. We had an interesting visitor recently—a moose!  He just wandered down the hill and walked right in front of our house. Luckily, we were all inside and he eventually meandered on his way.

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