By Ricky O’Bannon

Call it making musical lemonade from lemons.

Traffic is an infamous part of life in Los Angeles, and the experimental opera company The Industry wants to make it a key player in its new opera, HOPSOTCH.

HOPSCOTCH is an opera with music by five composers happening simultaneously in 18 cars driving around Los Angeles. Audience members hop into a car full of singers or musicians and move from one car to another hearing different chapters of the operatic story.

“As they drive through the city, activity will be happening all around you. There will be artists stationed at street corners [and] in windows,” said Yuval Sharon, artistic director for The Industry in a video announcing the project. “There may be a car that drives up next to you, rolls down the window and a trombone player starts playing.”

The opera will also feature a central hub where audience members can watch video from all 18 cars simultaneously. Whether the audience is in one of the cars or at the hub, Sharon said the project looks to open up the experience of sitting in a vehicle or traffic from an individual experience to a communal one.

“From the very beginning we also wanted to explode the idea of the isolation of people in their cars,” he said.

HOPSCOTCH is slated for debut in fall of 2015.