By Joe Sugarman

Classical musicians apparently have time to do more than just rehearse, record, and perform. They send tweets about their days, from what they had for breakfast to reactions about their latest concert. And many of their posts are quite revealing. Here are a half dozen Twitter users worth following, with a sample tweet from each.

Hilary Hahn
Handle: @violincase
Number of followers: 25,700

The skinny: Baltimore-born violinist tweets in the persona of her violin case. The feed is a combination of “rants, raves, snippets, tidbits, insider info—the full case study,” as Hahn describes it. Always clever and insightful, the violin case is one of the most interesting inanimate objects on Twitter!

Recent tweet: Granted, I'm a violin case--but is it weird that my eyes double as my feet? I feel like that's weird.

Hilary Hahn


Deborah Voigt
Handle: @debvoigt
Number of followers: 12,200

The skinny: Soprano and self-proclaimed “down-to-earth-diva” tweets charming, personal messages that are, well, down to earth.

Recent tweet: Purse made it in to car, but score might be on GWB. I drove the route in my pj's looking for it that night. Red flannel nightgown! Ooo, hot!

Deborah Voigt Resize


Zoe Keating
Handle: @zoecello
Number of followers: 1.2 million

The skinny: The cellist is a social media/techno guru and has a rabid following to match. Known for her use of a pedal-controlled laptop that records layer upon layer of sounds coming out of her instrument, Keating mainly messages about the intersection of music and technology, personal observations, and websites that strike her fancy.

Recent tweet: And if I’m listening to music I really, really like, I get very still. You could probably empty my pockets and I wouldn't notice.

Zoe Keating


Nico Muhly
Handle: @nicomuhly
Number of followers: 31,300

The skinny: The New England-born arranger/composer has a way with words. An astute observer of human nature and one of the more humorous tweeters out there.

Recent tweet: I just basically waterboarded myself with my neti pot

Nico Muhly


Renée Fleming
Handle: @reneesmusings
Number of followers: 31,200

The skinny: Keeps a steady diet of tweets going about upcoming performances and newsy bits for her many fans. Traffic spiked before, during, and after she sang the “National Anthem” at the Super Bowl. Note messages from Steve Martin, Vera Wang (Fleming wore a dress by the designer), and a photo with Queen Latifah.

Recent tweet: Last night at the #superbowl with the dazzling@IAMQUEENLATIFAH, whose America the Beautiful was exactly that!

Renee Fleming


Eric Whitacre
Handle: @EricWhitacre
Number of followers: 55,000

The skinny: The Grammy Award-winning composer and conductor posts everything from messages dealing with the music world to Instagram photos of his breakfast.

Recent tweet: I am so sick of critics maligning Ravel. For me he is one of the greats, a musical painter & unparalleled craftsman!

Eric Whitacre Resize