Great music holds great power.
It can uplift us, inspire us, heal us, bring us closer together, and feed our curious minds. At the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, we thrive on exploring all that symphonic music has to offer by finding ways to listen, learn, and share the power of music. When you join as a member today, you are helping to make music happen, in our halls and across Maryland through vital community partnerships, acclaimed youth education programs, and the highest quality symphonic performances by the BSO’s world-class musicians. In thanks for your generous support, you will receive a whole host of benefits to ensure that you enjoy the fullest possible BSO experience.

Benefits cannot be exchanged for gifts from Donor-Advised Funds, and therefore will be automatically declined. The opportunity to purchase these items separately is available to donors for whom this is the case.

For more information, visit our Donor FAQs or contact the BSO Development office at 410.783.8124.

    Benefits are effective for a full year from the date of your contribution. All benefits are available to donors, regardless of primary attendance venue or support designation. Donors who give through a giving vehicle (such as a Donor-Advised Fund) for which a tax receipt may not be issued are ineligible to receive benefits with a stated fair market value. Matching gifts apply toward the total membership level unless otherwise indicated.