Administrative Staff

To reach Administrative Staff by phone, please call 410.783.8100.

President & CEO
Mark C. Hanson

Senior Vice President & Chief Advancement Officer
Allison Burr-Livingstone

Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Cyrina Yarbrough

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
John G. McLean, Jr.

Senior Vice President and Chief HR & Inclusion Officer
Brian Smith

Monae Brayboy, Administrative Assistant to Executive Staff

Jennifer Barton, Vice President of Advancement
Elizabeth L.K. Berman, Manager of Institutional Partnerships
Theresa Cameron, Vice President, BSO at Strathmore
Mark Garrison, Advancement Operations Manager
Les Goldsborough, Director of Philanthropic Planning
LaRay Johnson, Volunteer Coordinator
Ben Pierce, Advancement Operations Coordinator
Catherine Ragsdale, Advancement Coordinator
Joanne M. Rosenthal, Director of Principal Gifts and Government Relations
Adrienne Shevchuk, Manager of Events & Engagement
Lillian Snortland, Manager of Advancement Communications

Jinny Kim, Director of Orchestra Personnel
Flavia Pajaro-van de Stadt, Artistic Coordinator
Kathryn Nottage, Associate Director of Orchestra Personnel
Robert Moir, Artistic Planning Consultant
Maria Veres, Associate Director of Artistic Planning

Rosie Constantine, Associate Director of Communications
Tymarra Sherrill, Coordinator of Social Media & Publications

Micca Page, Education Programs Coordinator

Finance and Administration
Kyle Steele, Senior Director of Finance
Janice Johnson, Senior Accountant
Donna Waring, Payroll Accountant
Jeff Wright, Director of Information Technology

Danielle Quigley, Senior Director of Marketing
Bryn Dunbar, Art Director
Christina Bilz, Audience Development & Sales Manager
Brianna Schoen, Marketing and Advertising Manager
Theresa Kopasek, Marketing & Public Relations Associate

Rebecca Cain, Vice President of Operations
Shawn Burrell, Facilities Manager
Tiffany Bryan, Director of Patron Services, The Tiffany Bryan Director of Patron Services
Kimone Kocica, Manager of Venue Sales
Jerry Pedroza, Associate Director of Production

Patron Support
Amy Bruce, Vice President of Data Analytics
Peter Murphy, Director of Patron Support
Timothy Lidard, Manager of VIP Patron Support
Morgan Gullard, Manager of Special Events
Eric Johnson, Patron Support Specialist
Michael Suit, Patron Support Specialist

Stage Crew
Todd Price, Head Stagehand
Mario Serruto, Assistant Head Stagehand
Charles LaMar, Audio Engineer
Jacob Sturgis, House Electrician
MJ Marqua, Camera Engineer

Nick Skinner, Vice President of OrchKids
Jane Coffey, Director of Development
Danielle Williams, Director of Education
Judy Sweet, Early Childhood Education Manager
Devin Harrington, Manager of Programs
Milos Tosic, Artistic and Program Operations Manager
Jocelyn Abrahamzon, Administrative Coordinator
Daniel Morrison, Program and Administrative Coordinator
Christy Grace, Saturday Academy and Instrumental Education Coordinator
Lynette Fields, Program Manager
Shirley Dessesow, Program Assistant
Joanne Archie, Program Assistant
John Landon, Program Assistant
Samantha Flores, Program Manager
Rodolfo Escalona, Lead Program Coordinator
Beberlyn Medina, Lead Program Coordinator
Mallory Carnes, String Fellow
Alejandra Santillanes, Musicianship/Flute Fellow