Open Rehearsals

Offering serious music students in middle school, high school and college a “behind the scenes look” at a working BSO rehearsal. FREE

The BSO Open Rehearsal series is an incredible opportunity to listen in to a working rehearsal of a professional symphony orchestra. This is a fantastic experience for young musicians (HS, MS music students & college) to experience the rehearsal process of the orchestra as they prepare for a performance. It can provide valuable insight for students who are already classical music lovers and performers.

Each rehearsal is scheduled to be 2.5 hours, with a 20-minute break, about half way through the rehearsal. Please click here to learn more about what to expect at a BSO Open rehearsal.

To reserve tickets for Open Rehearsals, please call 410.783.8051 or email

Anna Rakitina / Joshua Bell

(Friday 4/21, 10a) Education Open Rehearsal

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