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Eric Stahl

Eric Stahl

I never wanted to be a professional musician. My dad, George Stahl, played in the bass section of the Minnesota Orchestra and I always thought it would be unoriginal to follow in his footsteps. After attending Interlochen Arts Academy Music Camp, I totally changed my mind and I’ve been wholly committed to music ever since.

I suppose if I had never gone to Interlochen, I would have made a career as anon-fiction writer, writing mainly history. I am actually quite a history buff. I joined a Civil War reenactment regiment to celebrate the 150 th anniversary of that major event in our nation’s history. There is nothing like dressing in a heavy period costume when it is 102 degrees! But I loved it. It was an amazingly inspiring experience as I truly felt like I was walking in the footsteps of my ancestors. I am trying to get my two children interested in history, too. I hope that my son Jacob will become drummer boy and maybe my wife Karen will get involved in the camp life reenactment someday.

My two children, Jacob and Sonja, and my wife of 20 years are extremely important to me. There are few things in life that truly matter and I believe that family is by far the most important. We love to have family adventures in the great outdoors. When not performing, I try to be out hiking, camping or canoeing. When I was younger, I once canoed the length of the Mississippi River from its head waters to New Orleans with my father. I am currently introducing my own children to camping. We recently had a wonderful vacation in Northern Minnesota. We saw a lot of wildlife and the kids learned the simplicity of camping.

I also have a deep appreciation for Volkswagens. Maybe this started when I chose such a large instrument that requires a large car! I am not sure. I currently own eight antique Volkswagens– including four Bugs and a pick-up bus. I love greasy car work because it’s such a huge contrast to getting all dressed up for concerts with the tux and the tails.